Cooperstown Dreams Park - A Summer Tradition
Cooperstown Dreams Park

WEEK #11

Aug 27 - Sep 2, 2005

Regular Games Scores Report With Highlights

Day-Time Field Visiting Team Runs Home Team Runs
Sunday-8:30 AM 1 Frozen Ropes of Rochester 4 South Jersey Titans 5
Frozen Rope: C. Vanote had 5 2/3 IP w/ 9 K's. Titans: Soyer had 7 1/3 IP w/ 9 K's.
2 Inferno Baseball 13 Ridgewood Raiders 6
Inferno: Sean Larson went 2-3 w/ HR & 2 RBI's, Christian Brigham 2-4 w/ 3 RBI's, Johnathan Klien 5 IP, 6 K's 3 hits, Nick Patronik 2-3 and scored 3 runs; Raiders- Frankie Paleno hit a HR, 2 RBI; Tyler Welence hit a 2B; Doug Licitra had 2 hits.
4 West Coast Warriors 12 Franklin Square Seminoles 4
Franklin: Sean Abbate went 3-3 with a HR.
5 O.C. Outlaws 9 CNY Major League All Stars 5
CNY: Jared Humphrey had a HR.
6 L.I. Baymen Thunder 21 LaVerne Legends 7
7 California Dukes 0 Westchester Clippers 11
Clippers: Joey Arena 2 HR's, Alex Herceg 2 doubles, Ian Cole 4 1/3 IP w/ 6 K's, Eric Giancola had a double Dukes: Luke Oller 2 hits.
8 Lake Forest Titans 0 Viper Baseball Academy 12
9 Santa Cruz Mountain Lions 4 O.C. Diamondbacks 6
O.C.: Homeruns by Sirna, and Tave, Rallings piched 4 innings and Halford pitched 2 innings.
10 Predators Baseball Club 14 Long Island Phillies 2
11 Tampa Blades 3 Star Maker Stingrays Select 6
Star Maker: Phillip Evans 5 IP, P.T. Leonard 3-run HR, A.J. Venagas had the save.
12 Motor City Chiefs 1 Southern California Dragons 13
Dragons: Andrew Real went 3-3 w/ 1 HR Chase Yamashiro went 2-3 w/ 1 HR, Nathan Coehlo went 3-3 w/ a HR, Keaton Hernadez 2-2 w/ a HR, Gary Ferman 2-2, combined no hitter thrown by the Dragons.
13 Renegades 1 Future Stars of New Jersey 12
New Jersey: Zarrillo 3-3 2 HR's 5 RBI's, Gildenberg 2-3 HR 2 RBI's Washburn 4 IP.
14 Boys of Baseball National Travel Team 22 Central Jersey Xpress 3
15 South Daytona Waves 13 White Plains Wildcats 0
Waves: Adams had 2 HR's, Freedman had 1 HR.
16 Katz & Dawgs 5 Valley Stream Hawks 1
Hawks: Ambury 3-3. Katz & Dawgs: Alfredo 3-run HR.
17 Euharlee Bulldogs 3 Hurricanes 5
Hurricanes: Ryan Gupton had 3 IP and 7 k's. Bulldogs: Jacob Moore had a HR.
Sunday-11:00 AM 1 Temecula Hurricanes 6 Southern California Angels 15
2 California Yankees 7 Sun Valley Park Bums 3
4 California Wildfires 6 Clark Bombers 10
Bombers: A.J. Murry 2 HR's w/ a walk-off grand slam.
5 Team Oakley Baseball 8 NY Capital District Knights 6
Capital District: Joe Schupp 3-4 w/ 2 runs scored.
6 Seminoles Baseball Club 6 Long Island Lightning 2
Seminoles: 13 K's from combined pitchers, HR by Mikey Ramired. Lightning: HR by John Susino.
7 Metro Baseball Academy 2 All American Cyclones 14
8 Penfield Patriots 1 Anderson Arsenal Red 6
Patriots- C.J. Von Bargen 3 IP.
9 Southern California Redwings 9 Peninsula Waves 0
10 Cal Rockies 10 Team Rawlings 12
Rockies: Richard Record Went 4-for-4 with a HR & 4 RBI. Cody Nulph went 3-for-4 with an RBI & scored 3 times. Tyler saiki went 2-for-3 with 2 RBI and a run.
11 Lakeland Knights 1 Southern California Sun Devils 7
Sun Devils: had 3 hits and 2 RBI's.
12 RB River Bandits 0 Team Easton 12
Team Easton: Perfect game by Tyler Marlette w/ 9 K's, Nick Villalobos went 4-4 w/ 6 RBI's, Tyler Marlette 1-2 w/ a HR, and Kioant Mendoza went 3-4.
13 Rocky Mountain Steel 11 Mass Lawmen 1
Lawmen: Cannata HR.
14 Southern Nevada Bulldogs 12 Hamlin Park 0
15 Southern Nevada Wolfpack 5 Highwood Braves 1
Braves: Charlie McGuire 6 IP, and allowed 6 hits, he also had a HR, and Boo,er Synek went 1-2.
16 PB Baseball 5 New Jersey Nitro 8
PB- Cody simon had a HR. Duke long went 3-for-3. Mike Burke went 2-for-3. Nitro- Richie ricciardi went 2-for-3 and hit the game winning 3 run HR. Alex DeCastro went 1-for-2 with a HR. Elliot Drucker went 1-for-2 with a 2 run HR.
17 Utah Stars 16 Ocean Hawks 2
Stars had 4 HR
Sunday-1:45 PM 1 Southern California Bombers 11 Euharlee Bulldogs 2
Steven Zavala had a homerun for the bombers and Matthew Munoz had a homerun for the bombers.
2 O.C. Diamondbacks 8 Camarillo Rattlers 0
Brad brandenburg - HR. Diamondback Rattlers turned a DP in the 2nd. Matt Tave- double for the Diamondbacks
4 Montreal Royals 1 Southern California Arsenal 3
Steffan miladovich threw out a runner at home with a strike from the centerfield wall. Kyle Ferramola pitched 5 strong innings.
5 Ridgewood Raiders 7 California Dukes 5
Raiders- Charlie gundeck pitched a complete game. Elliot conn had 3 RBI. Dukes- Winston Lavendier had 1 RBI. Justin Fishcer had 2hits. Jonathon cohn had 2 hits.
6 Central Jersey Xpress 2 Glen Cove Cardinals 9
Cardinals- John bellock hit 2 HR's. Daniel valeo hit a HR. Milo Duchnowski pitched a complete game.
7 Aztecs Baseball 17 Gloucester Fishermen 3
Aztecs- 6 HR: Travis Harrison hit 3 HR. Michael Jordan had a HR. Trent Chatterton had a HR. Uriel Salinas had a HR.
8 CNY Major League All Stars 3 Southern California Wildcats 9
Wildcats- Kyle pressman went 3 for 3 and scored twice. Shane Zeile threw out 4 trying to steal 2nd. CNY- Luke Tucci had a double off the wall.
9 LaVerne Legends 4 Corona Dodgers 6
Steven Pallares went 3 for 3 with 1 HR. Brady Macias got a 2 RBI hit to put corona ahead.
10 Southern California Dragons 17 Santa Cruz Mountain Lions 0
11 Valley Stream Hawks 6 Hampton Roads Hurricanes 7
Hawks- Michael trabulsi had 1 HR. Kenny Quinn had a 2 run double. Hurricanes- Josh Philipps 3-for-3. Patrick Corbett 2-for-3.
12 Eastern Massachusetts All Stars 6 Tampa Blades 3
13 Oxnard Yankees 9 Predators Baseball Club 2
Marco Gutierrez had a 2 run HR. Austin Davidson had a 2 run HR. (Yankees)
14 White Plains Wildcats 13 Southside Express 10
Express- Brant Valach went 4-for-4 w/ 3 run HR & 3 RBI. Dan kenealy went 3-for-3 w/ HR. Kevin Kaspar 2-for-2. Dan spinazzola- 2-for-3 w/ 3 RBI.
15 Chino Hills Storm 7 Renegades 8
Renegades- Nick Lopez 2 run HR
16 Viper Baseball Academy 13 DC Rockers 1
17 Polk Lazers Baseball 2 Katz & Dawgs 8
Katz & Dawgs- Dan Jenkins hit a solo HR. Pat Maxwell 2 HR & 3RBI. Alfredo Martinez HR & 3 RBI. Spencer Barletta pitched 3 innings with no hits.
Sunday-4:30 PM 1 Highwood Braves 11 PB Baseball 0
PB Baseball- Brett Sullivan had 1 hit. Ryne St. Marie had 1 hit. Mike Burke had 1 hit: Braves- Sean Trent went 3-for-3 w/ a HR and 3 RBI. E.J. Webb had 5 RBI. Charlie Tilson went 2-for-3: Tilson, Webb, Sam Katz, Trent, all combined to throw a 2-hitter
2 Long Island Lightning 5 California Wildfires 16
Wildfires- Austen Hutchison went 3-for-3 with a HR. Kaelen Golden hit a home run. Joshua peterman went 3-for-4 w/ 5 RBI
4 Franklin Square Seminoles 1 Southern Nevada Wolfpack 13
Wolfpack- Roy Sipes went 3-for-4 w/ a 2 run HR and a solo HR. Trey williams went 3-for-3 w/ 2 run HR. Eric Holdren went 3-for-4 w/ 2 run HR. Zak Qualls had a 2 run HR
5 Future Stars of New Jersey 22 Frozen Ropes of Rochester 2
frozen ropes- Nick Flemister had 2 hits Future stars- Vincent Zarillo went 4-for-4 w/ 2 HR's and 6 RBI. Alec schwartz had 4 IP allowing 2 hits. Zachary Gildenberg had a HR. Kevin Olah had a HR. Cody Silverman had a HR. Anderson Rosa had a HR.
6 Southern California Sun Devils 14 Penfield Patriots 3
Sun Devils- Taylor Stix hit a HR & was the WP; Jack Sheeley hit a HR & had 4 RBI; Jake Medina had the SAVE. Patriots- Robbie Mabee had 2 hits; C.J. Von Bargen & Dan O'Brien each had a RBI.
7 South Jersey Titans 0 L.I. Baymen Thunder 15
Thunder- Nick Raimondi went 3-for-3 w/ HR & 5 RBI. Adam moossmann pitched a perfect game and went 3-for-3 w/ RBI. Lucas Vallas went 2-for-3 w/ HR and 3 RBI. Jimmy guiliano went 3-for-3 w/ 3RBI
8 Clark Bombers 1 Utah Stars 13
Stars- tied the record for most stolen bases in 1 inning ( 13 ).
9 Team Easton 3 Seminoles Baseball Club 6
10 Peninsula Waves 7 Lakeland Knights 3
Waves- Sam Moore hit a HR. Lucas Bufano hit a HR. Knights- Cory Plasky hit a 2 run HR. Travis alderman 9 Yrs. Old hit a single off the left field wall in the air.
11 Southern California Angels 9 Team Oakley Baseball 3
Team Oakley- Ben Overman hit a HR.
12 NY Capital District Knights 7 California Yankees 4
Knights- Dennis Buckley hit a grand slam in the top of the 1st. Yankees- Ryan Muno hit a 3 run HR in the bottom of the 3rd
13 Anderson Arsenal Red 0 Southern California Redwings 12
Redwings- HR's by Erick Cruz, Christian Lopes, Joseph Favela, Connor Joe, Daniel camarena, Backed up the 1 hit pitching of Daniel Camarena.
14 Sun Valley Park Bums 4 Southern Nevada Bulldogs 10
Bulldogs- Bryce Harper Had 2 HR. Willy White had a HR Bums- Nick Rivas, Jesse Kay, and Miguel Perez all had one HR
15 Hamlin Park 8 Motor City Chiefs 5
16 Team Rawlings 16 Temecula Hurricanes 0
17 Long Island Phillies 20 RB River Bandits 0
Phillies- Chris Pike went 4-for-4. Anthony Gatto went 3-for-4 and pitched a no hitter for the win. Michael Vigliarolo went 3-for-3 w/ a 2 run HR. Newel Craft went 4-for-4. Jake Smith went 3-for-4 w/ 4 runs
Sunday-7:00 PM 1 Gloucester Fishermen 2 South Daytona Waves 14
Waves- Ben Freedman had 1 HR & 5 RBI.
2 Camarillo Rattlers 7 Lake Forest Titans 6
Lake Forest- Matt Chapman hit a solo HR; Colin Zavrsnick had a RS & a RBI; Sean Nearhoof hit a solo HR.
4 Ocean Hawks 0 Southern California Bombers 8
Bombers- Roland Cruz hit a 2 run HR; Jeff Moran hit a solo HR; Rich Rangel hit a 2 run HR & 2 IP shutout.; Joseph Duran 4 IP shutout;
5 New Jersey Nitro 1 Oxnard Yankees 7
NJ Nitro- Kyle Rubbinaccio hit a 2B. Yankees- Oscar Lopez 4 IP; Anthony Alvarez 2 IP; Austin Davidson went 2-for-3 w/ a 2 run HR & 1B; Daniel Gonzalez went 3-for-3 w/ a HR & 2 1B's; Ryan Paraiko went 2-for-3 w/ a 1B & 2B.
6 Southern California Arsenal 2 Aztecs Baseball 17
Aztecs- 3 HR's. Travis harrison had a HR. Aaron Delgado had a HR. Joe Musgrave had a HR.
7 Southside Express 5 Montreal Royals 4
Express- Don Kenealy hit the GW 2B. Royals- Maxx St. James had 2 hits.
8 All American Cyclones 9 O.C. Outlaws 3
9 Southern California Wildcats 13 Chino Hills Storm 6
Wildcats- Andrew Acda and Bobby Phillips hit Back to Back HR.
10 Mass Lawmen 3 Cal Rockies 14
Rockies- R. Record went 4-for-4 with 4 RBI and a HR. D. Sturm hit a HR with 2 RBI and 3 runs scored. T. Saiki went 3-for-4 with 2 RBI and 2 runs scored. C. nulph went 2-for-4 with an RBI and 3 runs scored. J. guillen went 2-for-4 with 3 RBI, and 1 Run
11 Glen Cove Cardinals 2 West Coast Warriors 0
GGB Patriots- Peter Cappielly pitched a shutout.
12 Corona Dodgers 7 Polk Lazers Baseball 1
13 Westchester Clippers 6 Eastern Massachusetts All Stars 7
Eastern Mass- Dan Dymecki hit a walk-off HR; Robert Derosmo & Tim Corey each hit a HR.
14 DC Rockers 1 Metro Baseball Academy 20
Metro- 6 HR's
15 Hurricanes 2 Rocky Mountain Steel 8
Steel- Stephan dickens had a solo HR in the 1st. Nathan McCubbin had a 2 run double in the 1st. Brett Olson 3 I.P. 1hit and 3k's.
16 Hampton Roads Hurricanes 5 Boys of Baseball National Travel Team 6
Boys of Baseball- Skylar Ewing hit a solo HR;Delind Deskides hit a 2 run HR; Julius Gaines hit a 1B & had 2 SB's; Dalton DeNatale had the GW RBI. Hurricanes- Jake Cave hit a GS HR
17 Star Maker Stingrays Select 18 Inferno Baseball 0
Star Maker- Phil Evans hit a HR; Patrick Leonard went 4-for-4 w/ 3 HR's; Chris Keck hit 2 HR's; Alex Blandino hit a HR; John Dena hit a HR.
Monday-8:30 AM 1 Seminoles Baseball Club 7 Predators Baseball Club 3
Predators- Ryan tinkham and Oscar tinjaca had HR's. Seminoles- Kyle Taylor had a HR. Fernie Gonzalez had a HR. Milkey ramirez had a HR.
2 Long Island Phillies 17 Clark Bombers 11
Bombers- AJ Murray hit a HR. Corey Ryan & Danny Keller both hit HR. Phillies- M. Vigiarolo had 2 HR's w/ 4RBI. J. Smith had 2 HR ( one GS and one Solo ). A. Gatto had one HR w/ 5 RBI. C. Pike had a double w/ 4 RBI. T. Kopiski went 3-for-3.
4 NY Capital District Knights 13 Frozen Ropes of Rochester 5
Frozen Ropes- Conner Johnson had 2 hits. Knights- Zach Remillard had a Grand Slam. Will Remillard hit a 3 run HR.
5 Peninsula Waves 7 Anderson Arsenal Red 1
Waves- Ted Dilts pitched 5 innings, he had 3 hits and a 2 run HR. Jonathon vilicich pitched 1 inning and allowed no hits. Willie kuhl had a 2 run HR. Sam Carmack had 2 RBI.
6 RB River Bandits 4 Team Oakley Baseball 8
Oakley- will King pitched 5 innings & allowed 2 hits. Kelly Curran had a HR, a double, & 2 runs scored. Kevin cavanagh had a double & 2 RBI. Clint Clymer had 2 hits & 1 RBI
7 Penfield Patriots 3 Future Stars of New Jersey 12
Future Stars- Michael constantini went 4-for-4 w/ 2 HR and 4 RBI. Erik Washburn hit a HR and was the winning pitcher. Zachary Gildenberg had a HR. Michael roca went 3-for-3 with a HR. Patriots- Spencer Scorza hit a HR w/ 2 RBI.
8 Southern California Angels 8 California Yankees 4
Angels- christian coronado hit a 2 run HR. Patrick Sharlow hit a solo HR. Tyler Brisbine hit a solo HR.
9 Renegades 18 South Jersey Titans 2
Renegades- Travis Kirby had a HR. Cameron Carvahlo had a grand slam. Nick momjian had a HR. Chuck Filling went 1-for-2 w/ one run scored. Mike Aguiar went 1-For-2.
10 Temecula Hurricanes 10 Southern California Sun Devils 4
Sun Devils- Eric Baynton hit 2 HR's. Daniel bartko hit a HR. Hurricanes- Adrian Velencia hit a HR. Steven avalos and weston corica went 2-for-2.
11 Team Easton 11 Long Island Lightning 9
Team Easton- Nick Vazquez went 3-for-4. Tyler Marlette had a HR and went 2-for-2. Nick Villalobos went 2-for-3 w/ HR. Lightning- Robbie Reyes had 2 HR w/ 4 RBI. Eric Stone had 3 RBI.
12 Lakeland Knights 0 Team Rawlings 12
Team Rawlings: Tre Young and Luke Gragg both had a HR, John Keith went 2-2 with 3 RBI's.
13 Southern California Redwings 9 Highwood Braves 5
Braves- Boomer Synek Pitched 5 innings allowing 5 hits and 2 ER. Boomer Synek went 2-for-3 w/ 2RBI. Jaycob megna hit a HR.
14 Southern Nevada Bulldogs 14 Franklin Square Seminoles 0
15 Southern Nevada Wolfpack 9 Valley Stream Hawks 2
Hawks- Michael Dern had 2 hits. Garrett Wood 5 IP. Wolfpack- Eric Holdren had a grand slam. Cameron Fraser had 2 hits.
16 Motor City Chiefs 2 Utah Stars 15
Stars- J.C. Snyder hit a 2 Run HR.
17 Hamlin Park 1 PB Baseball 13
PB- 15 team hits. Ryan Wonders hit a HR.
Monday-11:00 AM 1 Boys of Baseball National Travel Team 14 O.C. Outlaws 2
Outlaws- Andy Curiel Had a HR. Abel Vasquez had a HR. Boys of Baseball- Delino Deshields had A HR. Dylan Ivey had a HR.
2 Southern California Wildcats 12 All American Cyclones 13
4 Southside Express 4 Lake Forest Titans 13
Express- Justin Theisen went 2-for-3 with a 3 run HR. Titans- Sean Nearhoof went 3-for-3 with a 2 run HR & 4 RBI. Colin Zavrsnick went 2-for-4 .
5 Southern California Bombers 0 Aztecs Baseball 8
Aztecs- Travis harrison had 2 HR. Michael Jordan had one HR.
6 Polk Lazers Baseball 2 Cal Rockies 14
Rockies- Cody Nulph went 2-for-2 with 3 runs and one RBI. Jordan Guillen went 2-for-3 with a Grand Slam and 5 RBI. Jose Muniz went 1-for-1 with 2 runs and an RBI. Richard Recdord went 1-for-2 with one run and 2 RBI.
7 Westchester Clippers 6 O.C. Diamondbacks 10
Diamonbacks- J.V. Aguire hit a HR and had 3 RBI. Matt Tave had a HR and had 1 RBI. Jordan Morua had a HR and 1 RBI. Brad Brandenburg had an RBI. Eddie nahigan had an RBI. Tyler sima had an RBI.
8 Mass Lawmen 2 California Wildfires 10
Wildfires- Daijiro Okada went 3-for-3 with a HR. Stephen Bermingham went 2-for-4 with 3 RBI.
9 Star Maker Stingrays Select 19 Camarillo Rattlers 2
Rattlers- Justin Chamberlain had a HR. Stingrays- Allessandre blandino had a grand slam. Christopher keck had a HR.
10 Southern California Arsenal 1 New Jersey Nitro 3
Nitro- Alex DeCastro went 1-for-2 with a HR. Kyle Rubbinaccio went 1-for-2 with a HR. Mike Sette went 1-for-2 with an RBI.
11 DC Rockers 6 Chino Hills Storm 7
12 Gloucester Fishermen 5 Inferno Baseball 9
Inferno- Sean Larson went 2-for-3 with a HR & 4RBI. Mike wagner went 2-for-3. Fishermen- Phil dimaio went 3-for-3 with a HR & 3 RBI.
13 West Coast Warriors 7 Corona Dodgers 11
Warriors- Max heltzer had a HR and a double w/ 2 RBI. Dodgers- Daniel Arellano had 2 HR w/ 3 RBI. Slater Putland had one HR. Lino Sebastian had one HR w/ 3RBI. Steven pallares had one HR.
14 Eastern Massachusetts All Stars 2 Glen Cove Cardinals 0
Eastern Mass- Aaron Fossas hit a 2 run HR. Cardinals- Stefan shwartz pitched a 1 hitter in the loss.
15 Hurricanes 12 Ocean Hawks 0
16 Hampton Roads Hurricanes 3 South Daytona Waves 9
Waves- DJ Cirks 5 innings of one run pitching. Ben Freedman went 3-for-4 with a HR & 5 Rbi. Alex Adams had a HR. Hurricanes- Jeffery Gray had a HR.
17 Rocky Mountain Steel 14 Metro Baseball Academy 13
Steel- Mathew dupes had the game winning 2 run HR.
Monday-1:45 PM 1 PB Baseball 4 L.I. Baymen Thunder 11
Thunder- Lucas Vallas 2 for 3 w/ HR, 3 RBI: Nick D'Angelo 3 for 3 w/ HR: Jim Guiliano 3 for 3 w/ 3 RBI
2 Sun Valley Park Bums 5 California Dukes 1
Bums- Edger Montes 2 hits w/ Grand Slam: Montes pitched 3 shut innings: Miguel Perez RBI: Turned 3 double plays: Dukes- Winston Lavendier pitched 4 solid innings: Ian Sales pitched 2 shut out innnings: Sam Gerald scored the only run
4 Anderson Arsenal Red 4 Euharlee Bulldogs 10
Red- Chris Davis HR: Bulldogs- Robert Harris 5 IP allowing 1 hit
5 Future Stars of New Jersey 3 Southern California Dragons 16
Dragons- Joel Sabajan 2 for 2 w/ 2HR (Grand Slam): Shane Fessel HR: Justin Gere 2 for 2 w/ 2 HR( Grand Slam)
6 White Plains Wildcats 9 CNY Major League All Stars 2
Wildcats- Henry Hirsch 2 HR
7 Oxnard Yankees 13 Central Jersey Xpress 1
Yankees- Austin Davidson 2 for 4 w/ HR: Marco Gutierrez HR: Daniel Gonzalez 2 for 3 w/ 2 HR: Josh Grajeda 2 for 4 w/ 2B
8 Santa Cruz Mountain Lions 3 Ridgewood Raiders 8
Raiders- Cooper Byrne WP. Tyler welence got the save. Matt granski had a grand slam. Charlie gundeck had a HR and a 2B. Doug licitra had a 2B.
9 Team Oakley Baseball 4 Katz & Dawgs 0
Oakley- Brian Sheffler pitched a complete game 2 hitter w/ 6 K: Kelly Curran HR w/ 2 RBI, 2 R:
10 California Yankees 6 Tampa Blades 7
Blades- Rene Negrete HR: Conner Powers HR: Devin Smith HR: Yankees-Christian Ibarra 2 HR
11 Frozen Ropes of Rochester 3 Montreal Royals 12
Ropes- Bobby Frantz HR: Royals- Philippe Banville 3-run HR: Maxx St. James pitched a complete game
12 Valley Stream Hawks 4 LaVerne Legends 6
Hawks- Kyle Ambury and Michael Trabulsi hit back to back HR's. Legends- Michael Risco and Adam McCreery hit back to back HR's. Antonio Gonzales hit a HR.
13 Long Island Lightning 8 Lakeland Knights 6
14 Viper Baseball Academy 26 Peninsula Waves 4
15 Utah Stars 6 Southern California Angels 9
Angels- Christian Coronado & Tyler Brisbine each hit a HR.
16 Southern California Sun Devils 9 Southern Nevada Wolfpack 5
Total of 5 HR by teams
17 Highwood Braves 9 NY Capital District Knights 5
Knights- Joseph Schupp solo HR: Brendon DalCol 2-run HR: Braves- Sean Trent 2-run HR: Boomer Synek 2 for 2 w/ 2 2B: Jimmy Bonner 3-run HR
Monday-4:30 PM 1 Lake Forest Titans 7 Hampton Roads Hurricanes 5
Titans- Matt Chapman hit a GS HR; Sam Barber went 1-for-2 w/ a HR.
2 New Jersey Nitro 8 Southern California Wildcats 2
NJ Nitro- Derek Kawa hit a HR; Joe Crocco was the WP.
4 O.C. Outlaws 6 Hurricanes 5
Outlaws- Able Vasquez hit a HR; Anthony Martinez had 4 RBI; LeJon Baker scored 3 runs; Hurricanes- Corey Bolam hit a 3-run HR
5 Camarillo Rattlers 5 Gloucester Fishermen 0
Rattlers- Parker Hindle hit a HR. Fisherman- Cavlin Rogers had 2 hits.
6 Aztecs Baseball 12 Star Maker Stingrays Select 4
Aztecs- Uriel Salinas & Michael Jordan each hit a HR. Stingrays- Phil Evans hit 2 HR's; Brian Matthews hit a HR.
7 All American Cyclones 4 Southern California Bombers 6
Bombers- Adrian Franco hit a 3 run HR; Cody Deen hit a solo HR; Jeff Moran hit a 2 run HR. Cyclones- Matt Bizzarro hit a 2 run HR.
8 Ocean Hawks 5 Eastern Massachusetts All Stars 10
Eastern Mass- Mike Difronzo hit a GS HR; Robert Derosmo went 3-for-3; Tim Corey hit a 2 run HR & 4 IP; Dylan Fhnn went 2-for-2.
9 Cal Rockies 7 West Coast Warriors 1
10 Inferno Baseball 1 Boys of Baseball National Travel Team 13
Boys of Baseball- Julius Gaines hit a HR; Michael Gill & Joel Bennett each hit 2 HR's.
11 Corona Dodgers 12 DC Rockers 2
12 Glen Cove Cardinals 5 Southside Express 6
Cardinals- John Bellock went 2-for-3. Express- Justin Theisen went 2-for-3 w/ a 3 run HR; Marty Flynn went 2-for-2 & had the GW 2 run HR; Ian Orford (WP) 3 IP shutout; Trevor Williamson went 2-for-2.
13 O.C. Diamondbacks 4 Rocky Mountain Steel 10
Rocky Mt. Steel- Jared Jacobson went 1-for-1; Stephan Dickens went 3-for-3; Jordan Schlehober 3 IP.
14 Chino Hills Storm 0 Westchester Clippers 8
Clippers- Jonathan DeMarte 5 1/3 IP w/ 4 K's; Joey Arena hit a HR; Zack Silva 2/3 IP; Alex Herceg had 2 hits; Ian Cole had 3 RS.
15 Metro Baseball Academy 21 Southern California Arsenal 6
Arsenal- Nick Wood & Sam Mintler each hit a HR.
16 Predators Baseball Club 16 Polk Lazers Baseball 1
Predators- Ryan Tinkham, Cody Sulflow, Daniel Dungan & Scott Geirman each hit a HR; Richard Mullaney hit a GS HR.
17 South Daytona Waves 9 Mass Lawmen 2
Waves- Alex Adams hit a HR & had 3 RBI; Blake Sydeski hit 2 HR's w/ 3 RBI; DJ Cirks hit a HR; Scotty Ward 4 IP w/ 4 K's.
Monday-7:00 PM 1 L.I. Baymen Thunder 2 Southern Nevada Bulldogs 14
Bulldogs- Bryce Harper & Taylor Berg each hit a HR.
2 California Wildfires 11 Renegades 4
Wildfires- Chris Barnett hit a 3 run HR.
4 CNY Major League All Stars 7 Hamlin Park 14
5 Clark Bombers 0 Southern California Redwings 12
Redwings- Daniel Camarena & Kyle Hayes each hit an HR. Kyle Hayes & Brian Roldan pitched a combined no hitter.
6 California Dukes 3 Team Easton 17
Easton- Nick Villalobos hit a Grandslam with 4 RBI's. Kidany Mendoza hit a HR. Boo Vazquez hit a HR with 4 RBI's. Jeff Driskel hit a HR with 3 RBI's. Brandon Kush went 2 for 3 with 2 RBI's
7 Ridgewood Raiders 3 Sun Valley Park Bums 14
Raiders- Elliot Conn hit a 2B w/ 2 RBI; Marcellus Stires went 1-for-2 w/ an RBI.
8 Team Rawlings 22 Santa Cruz Mountain Lions 1
9 Central Jersey Xpress 16 Seminoles Baseball Club 12
10 Katz & Dawgs 18 RB River Bandits 3
11 Franklin Square Seminoles 0 Viper Baseball Academy 17
12 Montreal Royals 4 Oxnard Yankees 5
13 LaVerne Legends 9 Motor City Chiefs 12
14 Euharlee Bulldogs 12 Long Island Phillies 4
15 South Jersey Titans 2 Temecula Hurricanes 14
16 Tampa Blades 24 Penfield Patriots 4
Blades- Cameron Alford hit 2 HR's. Michael Boriboun & Tyler Neuhaus each hit a HR.
17 Southern California Dragons 15 White Plains Wildcats 0
Tuesday-8:30 AM 1 Metro Baseball Academy 8 Corona Dodgers 6
2 Frozen Ropes of Rochester 0 Aztecs Baseball 14
4 South Daytona Waves 4 All American Cyclones 0
5 O.C. Diamondbacks 1 Star Maker Stingrays Select 14
O.C.: HR hit by Dan Halford. Star Maker: Phil Evans, Sean Goodall hit HR's and Chris Keck hit a grand slam.
6 Mass Lawmen 0 Chino Hills Storm 2
Chino Hills: Johnathon Maciel and Taylor Valentine both had 2 hits and Valentine had the 2 winnings RBI's.
7 Hurricanes 16 Inferno Baseball 4
8 DC Rockers 0 Cal Rockies 12
Rockies: Muniz Lovcik had a 1 hitter, Dan Strum went 3-3 w/ a 3-run HR, 2 runs and 3 RBI's, Tyler Saiki went 3-3 w/ 2RBI's, Malik Morgan 3-3 w/ 2 RBI's and 2 runs.
9 Hampton Roads Hurricanes 12 Glen Cove Cardinals 4
Hurricanes- Jake Cave hit 2 HR's; Jason Ellington hit a HR. Glen Cove- John Bellock & Mike Ianetta each hit a HR: Hurricanes- Jake Cave 3 for 3 w/ 2 HR(Grand Slam): Jason Ellington 2 for 3 w/ HR: Jeff Gray 1 for 2 w/ HR
10 Long Island Lightning 7 New Jersey Nitro 9
11 Boys of Baseball National Travel Team 14 Camarillo Rattlers 2
12 Southern California Arsenal 3 Eastern Massachusetts All Stars 2
Arsenal: John Heacock HR. All-Stars: Adam Ravenelle and Connor McMahon both pitched 3 innings.
13 Predators Baseball Club 14 Lake Forest Titans 4
14 Southern California Bombers 4 O.C. Outlaws 6
Outlaws- Mike Piazza hit a 2-run HR & earned the save; Abel Vasquez hit a HR; Bombers- Jeff Moran hit a HR.
15 Gloucester Fishermen 1 Rocky Mountain Steel 6
Steel: Mike Mucha 5 IP 1 hit and no runs, and Greg Bird hit a 3-run HR.
16 Team Oakley Baseball 5 Westchester Clippers 3
Clippers: Joey Arena 2 HR's. Oakley: Crran HR, Overman HR.
17 Peninsula Waves 12 Ocean Hawks 2
Hawks: Ferrara solo HR. Waves: Carmack 4 2/3 IP, HR's by Willie Kuhl, Ted Dilts, Mark Okuma, and Ty Moore.
Tuesday-11:00 AM 1 Penfield Patriots 0 Southern California Redwings 12
Redwings: Joseph Favela pitched a 2 hitter, HR's by Joseph Favela, Marcos Flores, and Josh Anderson.
2 Team Easton 17 Ridgewood Raiders 1
Raiders- Frankie Paleno played all 9 positions.
4 Southern California Dragons 14 LaVerne Legends 0
5 Oxnard Yankees 18 South Jersey Titans 0
Yankees: HR's by Ryan Paramo, Oscar Lopez, and Austin Davidson.
6 Montreal Royals 7 Katz & Dawgs 5
Royals: Maxx St. James went 3-3 with 3 RBI's & a HR, Philippe Banville had 5 IP.Katz: Chris Bostick went 3-3 w/ a HR and 2 RBI's.
7 Team Rawlings 19 Clark Bombers 1
Team Rawlings: William Daris, John Keefe and Micheal Cotty hit HR's.
8 White Plains Wildcats 10 California Dukes 2
Wildcats: Meaney 2 HR's, 4 RBI's, Gross HR. Dukes: Luke Oller 2-2, Jordan Fischer Doubled and had a RBI.
9 Motor City Chiefs 8 CNY Major League All Stars 1
10 Euharlee Bulldogs 11 Franklin Square Seminoles 10
Seminoles- Brandon Garcia had a HR. Brian Schuck had a HR. Sean Abbate had a HR. Joe Kavanagh had a HR.
11 Santa Cruz Mountain Lions 9 L.I. Baymen Thunder 5
Jim Guiliano hit a HR. Brandon Mcclain hit a HR. Adam moossmannn hit a HR.
12 Hamlin Park 2 California Wildfires 10
Wildfires- Scott Baron hit a HR & had 2 RBI. AJ Hoover hit a HR. Colin Welman hit a HR. Josh Peterman had 2 RBI.
13 Tampa Blades 15 Central Jersey Xpress 0
14 Viper Baseball Academy 26 RB River Bandits 0
Vipers- Nick Masonia, justin willis, and Grant bennett combined for a 3 hit shutout. The team hit a combined 11 HR, Autin Ayers, Nick Masonia( 2 ), Jordan Boze, Andrew Dennis, Seth Beaman, Anthony Rapiere( 2 ), Justin Willis( 2 ), and Hayden petitta.
15 Sun Valley Park Bums 0 Seminoles Baseball Club 2
16 Long Island Phillies 5 Renegades 7
Renegades- Travis Kirby HR: Nick Momjian 3-run HR: Phillies- Jake Smith 2-run HR: Michael Vigliarolo 4 for 4
17 Southern Nevada Bulldogs 15 Temecula Hurricanes 5
Tuesday-1:45 PM 1 Westchester Clippers 0 South Daytona Waves 12
Waves- Alex Adams piitched a no hitter; Cole Powers, Josh Powers & DJ Cirks each hit a HR.
2 Highwood Braves 13 Anderson Arsenal Red 12
Arsenal Red- Matt Sinclair went 3-for-3 w/ a HR; Taylor Stoeker went 5-for-5 w/ a GS & 3 run HR; Stephen Trapp went 2-for-3 w/ a HR: Braves- Charlie McGuire 3 for 5 w/ 3 RBI: Sean Trent 3 for 4: Boomer Synek 3 for 4 w/ HR: Quinn McAnaney HR
4 Cal Rockies 5 Southern California Bombers 7
5 Southern Nevada Wolfpack 1 California Yankees 2
Wolfpack- Trey williams hit a HR. Yankees- Frank Ruiz pitched a 5 hitter.
6 All American Cyclones 10 Gloucester Fishermen 4
7 Ocean Hawks 10 Valley Stream Hawks 2
Hawks- Mike Trabulsi 2 HR
8 Lakeland Knights 0 Future Stars of New Jersey 14
9 Utah Stars 19 Southside Express 4
10 Rocky Mountain Steel 9 Polk Lazers Baseball 1
11 Inferno Baseball 3 Southern California Angels 9
Inferno- Mike Wagner hit a HR; Jon Klein went 2-for-2 w/ a HR.
12 West Coast Warriors 2 NY Capital District Knights 3
Knights- Dennis Buckley 2B w/ 2 RBI: Warriors- Max Heltzer 1b w/ 2 RBI
13 Chino Hills Storm 8 Hurricanes 7
Storm- Nicolas Serrato 2 HR: Jon Maciel HR: Hurricanes- Luke Matthews, Cameron Peed, Corey Bolan & Ryan Gupton each hit a HR.
14 Lake Forest Titans 12 Southern California Sun Devils 7
Devils- Jacob Dewitt, Eric Baynton, Nick Whitbeck, and Taylor Stix each had a HR: Titans- Matt Chapman 3-run HR, 2 2B: Randy Good HR: David Olsen HR
15 O.C. Outlaws 9 Southern California Wildcats 4
Wildcats- Bobby Phillips hit a HR. Outlaws- Abel Vasquez hit a HR & 3 RBI; Chris Ortega hit a HR; Mike Piazza went 3-for-4 w/ 4 RBI; Cejon Baker 4 IP w/ 5 K's & 3 RS.
16 Star Maker Stingrays Select 0 Boys of Baseball National Travel Team 4
Great pitching duel by both teams: Stingrays: Jason Taasaas pitched 4 innings w/ 7 K: BOB- Jo-El Bennett allowed 2 hits w/ 0 ER through 3 innings: Michael Gill pitched 3 innings giving up 1 hit and having 5 K:
17 PB Baseball 9 Mass Lawmen 6
Baseball- Ryan Wonders HR: Cody Simon HR: Lawmen- Josh Vlahakis HR
Tuesday-4:30 PM 1 L.I. Baymen Thunder 6 Team Rawlings 19
Team Rawlings- Luke Gragg went 2-for-3 w/ 2 HR's; John Nogowski went 3-for-4 w/ 2 HR's: Thunder- Brandon McClain HR: Dylan Montana Grand Slam
2 Clark Bombers 0 Viper Baseball Academy 6
Vipers- Austin Ayers hit a HR. Bombers- Brandon Santos 6 IP.
4 Temecula Hurricanes 14 Motor City Chiefs 2
Hurricanes- Sean Stratton had 3 HRs for tournament; Steven Avalos & Adrian Valencia each hit 2 HRs for the tournament; Brandon Pratt & Trevor Podratz each hit a HR in the tournament.
5 California Dukes 5 Montreal Royals 17
Royals- Alex Lewis, Maxx St. James, Simon Brisebois, Derek Legault & Mathieu Joly each had 2 hits; Kevin Bergeron had 3 hits.
6 Central Jersey Xpress 5 White Plains Wildcats 2
7 South Jersey Titans 0 Southern Nevada Bulldogs 22
Bulldogs- Taylor Berg hit a GS HR; Willie White & Bryce Harper each hit a HR.
8 California Wildfires 4 Oxnard Yankees 5
Yankees- Austin Davidson went 2-for-3; Daniel Gonzalez went 2-for-3 w/ a HR; Marco Guiterez went 2-for-3 w/ a 2 run HR; Oscar Lopen 5 IP. Wildfires- Stephen Bermingham hit 2 run HR.
9 Ridgewood Raiders 8 Hamlin Park 5
Raiders- Frankie Paleno went 3-for-3 w/ a HR, 4 RBI; Elliot Conn went 2-for-3 w/ an RBI & had 2 runs; Russell Tanner had 2 hits; Charlie Gundeck hit a HR.
10 Katz & Dawgs 0 Southern California Dragons 3
11 Franklin Square Seminoles 1 Tampa Blades 17
Tampa Blades- Ty Newhaun hit a GS HR; Cameron Alford hit 2 HR's.
12 LaVerne Legends 7 Team Easton 20
Team Easton- Ryan Baker went 3-for-3 w/ 2 HR's & 6 RBI; Jeff Driskel hit 2 HR's; Kidany Mendoza & Nick Vallalobos each hit a HR; Gabriel Rivera went 2-for-2 w/ a HR.
13 Southern California Redwings 28 Long Island Phillies 5
14 Renegades 12 Santa Cruz Mountain Lions 4
Santa Cruz- Andrew Stavranos hit a 2 run HR.
15 RB River Bandits 2 Penfield Patriots 5
Patriots- C.J. Von Bargen 3 IP (WP) & had a hit; Robbie Mabee had the SAVE & had a hit; Jeff DiLuglio had a hit.
16 Seminoles Baseball Club 11 Euharlee Bulldogs 2
17 CNY Major League All Stars 0 Sun Valley Park Bums 12
Park Bums- Sergio Plasgnicia hit a HR; Miguel Perez hit a 2 run HR; Jesse Kay hit a 3 run HR; Anthony Esparza hit a HR.
Tuesday-7:00 PM 1 Southern California Wildcats 5 Team Oakley Baseball 4
Oakley- Ben Overman HR: Clint Clymer 2 RBI: Nathanial Winters RBI
2 Future Stars of New Jersey 15 West Coast Warriors 0
Future Stars- Steven Hegge pitched a No Hitter; Vinnie Zarillo hit a HR; Eric Washburn hit a HR.
4 Glen Cove Cardinals 4 O.C. Diamondbacks 9
Diamondbacks- Bill Austin hit a HR & had 2 RBI; Jordan Moura hit a HR & had a RBI; Matt Tave hit 2 HR's w/ 2 RBI; Daniel Halford & Eddie Naghian each had a RBI.
5 Aztecs Baseball 13 Metro Baseball Academy 5
6 Corona Dodgers 16 Long Island Lightning 10
7 California Yankees 8 PB Baseball 1
CA Yankees- Ryan Muno went 3-for-3 w/ 3 HR's & 5 RBI; Robert Cummins hit a HR & was the WP; Christian Ibarra hit a HR.
8 Camarillo Rattlers 12 Frozen Ropes of Rochester 2
Rattlers- Mo Griffith HR: Rochester Bobby Frantz 2B
9 New Jersey Nitro 15 Highwood Braves 13
Braves- Lindsay Synek 4 IP allowing 3 hits, 3 K: Charlie Tilson HR: Boomer Synek 2 HR
10 NY Capital District Knights 15 Lakeland Knights 16
11 Eastern Massachusetts All Stars 6 Peninsula Waves 7
Eastern Mass.- Tim Corey hit a HR & 5 IP. Waves- lucas Butano had the GW run by stealing home.
12 Southern California Angels 3 Southern Nevada Wolfpack 6
Wolfpak- Kevin Kline hit a 3 run HR; Trey William hit a HR; Eric Holdren 6 IP w/ 13 K's.
13 Anderson Arsenal Red 3 Utah Stars 11
Utah Stars- Michael Draper hit a GS HR.
14 Valley Stream Hawks 6 Southern California Arsenal 7
Arsenal- Kyle Ferramda hit a HR; Nick Portillo hit a HR; Matt Charmello had the GW hit.
15 Southern California Sun Devils 2 Hampton Roads Hurricanes 8
Hurricanes- Brandon Vick went 2-for-3; Sam Barber went 2-for-3.
16 Southside Express 4 Predators Baseball Club 11
17 Polk Lazers Baseball 6 DC Rockers 3

Report Date/Time: September 27, 2005/9:07 AM

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