Cooperstown Dreams Park - A Summer Tradition
Cooperstown Dreams Park


Jul 23-29, 2005

Regular Games Scores Report With Highlights

Day-Time Field Visiting Team Runs Home Team Runs
Sunday-8:30 AM 1 Pompano Predators 6 Central New York Pioneers American 2
Predators: Jordan Selbach HR, Brett Koliani pickes up the win on the mound with 11 K's.
2 Jersey Shore Thunder 9 Southwest Scorpions 6
Scorpions: Ben Lumsden went 1-3 with a 3-Run HR.
4 Eastview Lightning 1 Georgia Mustangs 10
Mustangs: Wes Hunter pitched a complete game, DJ Smith went 3-4, Kevin Bolak hit a HR, Nick Luly went 2-3. Lightning: Matt Galloway went 1-2 with a run scored.
5 Pinckney Pirates 3 Mendon Storm 12
Storm: Dan Holmes hit 2 HR's.
6 New Berlin Magic 0 Texas Warriors 11
Warriors: Alex Gebert 3-Run HR, Jake Hargrove 3-Run HR, Cameron Massengill went 2-3. Magic: Matt Hauser went 2-3, Sean Waite went 2-2.
7 Arizona Knights 8 Utah Sandy Sharks 2
9 Pocatello Wildcats 9 Elmhurst Cougars 10
Cougars: Joey Gonzini hit a HR, Brian Wadsworth had 3 hits. Wildcats: Dillon Filiaga and Tanner Nielson hit Solo HR's.
10 Highland Heights Heat 7 Central New York Pioneers National 6
Heat: Cameron Carmen hit a HR.
11 Stratford Flames 12 Pompano Predators B 2
12 West Chester Bulldogs 32 West Newbury Sachems 0
13 BCC Cardinals 5 Storm - LVP Knights 6
Cardinals: Henry Sisson pitched 2 1/3 innings in relief and went 2-2 at the plate. Chris Bodurian had 2 hits. Knights: Joe Harks had 2 hits.
14 Lakeview Bull Dogs 13 Grapevine Whitecaps 1
Bulldogs: Ryan Ellis 2 hits with 1 RBI, Alex Rosowicz 2 RBI's, Justin Misterka 2 hits with 2 RBI's, Anthony Franco 2 RBI's. Whitecaps: Craig Fischer 1 RBI, Jared Brooke 2 doubles, Pat McClanahan double.
15 Stars of Tomorrow 19 Atlantic Braves 5
Stars: Hunter Crine hit a Grand Slam, Jarhodys Mojica had 4 hits including a HR. Braves: Cody Bostic hit a HR.
16 New Orleans Spice 2 Scottsdale Cobras 7
Cobras: Ben Duermit hit a HR.
17 St. Louis Rangers 12 Green Mountain Rams 2
Rams: Chris Boehm broke up a no-hitter in the 5th. On the mound Kyle Garner had 5 K's. Rangers: 3 pitchers combined for a 2-hitter.
18 Penn Warriors 18 Tyngsboro All Stars 1
All Stars: Greg Shaw hit a HR. Warriors: Jared Jupena 3 hits including a Grand Slam, Tyler Maghery had a HR, Josh Chronowski, Tyler McCAfferty & Nick Defilippo each had 2 hits; Drew Bruno had 3 hits.
Sunday-11:00 AM 1 Virginia Razorbacks 3 North Shore Royals 4
Razorbacks: Aaron Williams hit a HR.
2 Germantown Athletic Club Hawks 15 Anchor Bay Angels 6
Hawks: Lucas Thompson hit a HR, Chris DeHoff hit a 3-Run HR, Thien-Quyen Tran went 4-4 with 6 RBI's. Angels: Dominic Brugnoni went 3-4, Nicholas Black went 2-3.
4 Melrose Hammerheads 3 Jersey Shore Hurricanes 10
Hurricanes: Kevin Bell hit a HR, Nick Bacarella had 4 RBI's
5 Solon Patriots 4 Texas Lightning 7
Lightning: Joseph Arechiga hit a HR. Patriots: Craig Sethman had 2 hits.
6 St. Bernard Rangers 9 Brentwood Braves 2
Braves: Sam Wilcox hit a 2-Run HR. Rangers: Andrew Madary hit a HR.
7 St. Pete Stingers 4 Plum Mustangs 6
9 West Boylston Lions 16 Hawaii Rainbow Menehune 4
Hawaii: Lance Pea hit 2 HR's driving in 3 RBI's. Lions: Connor McDavitt hit a 2-Run HR.
10 North Tampa Yankees 5 Eagles 2
Eagles: Nash Nelson went 2-2, Steve Franklin went 2-2. Yankees: TJ Wharton went 2-3.
11 Rockets 10 Jersey Shore Stars Red 2
Rockets: Ed Fitzpatrick pitched a complete game. Bob Richman hit a Grand Slam HR, Brett Lewis hit 2 HR's.
12 Pacific Palisades 2 Mountville Indians 9
Palisades: Scott McKrosky hit a HR. Indians: Steven Feister hit a HR.
13 HCYP Raiders 13 Bedford Redbirds 6
Raiders: Tim Benjamin went 4-4 with 1 HR and 4 RBI's. MichaelBranthover went 2-3 with 1 HR. Kevin Buchiane pitched 5 1/3 with 6 K's. Redbirds: Alex Joyce went 1-2 with a 2-Run HR, Jared Kujawa went 2-3 with a 2-Run HR, Alec Duncan went 3-3 with a HR.
14 Burlingame Stars 0 Long Island Stars 12
15 Matawan-Aberdeen Huskies 3 Stewards of the Game 4
Stewards: Ian Edmiston 2-Run HR. William Frazier pitched a 3-hitter.
16 Danville Warriors 0 Knoxville Impact 10
17 Collins Hill Eagles Elite 0 Carolina Cougars 4
Cougars: Andrew Jacot hit a HR, Dustin Spruill hit a double. Elite: Alex Morris hit a double, Nick Scheil went 2-3.
18 Darien Dragons 15 Mifflin Mustangs 4
Mustangs: Billy mcKay hit a double, Ben Spezialetti had 2 hits. Dragons: Mike Monaghan hit a Grand Slam, John Holokovsky hit a 3-Run HR.
Sunday-1:45 PM 1 St. Louis Rangers 3 New Orleans Spice 6
Spice- Jody Trupani, Tyler Deagano & Collin Lagasse each hit a solo HR; Luther Bridges hit a 2 run HR; Chuck Camp threw out 3 runners.
2 RBI Angels 3 Wheeling Diamond Dawgs 10
Wheeling- Cory Walter was the WP; Jordan Moore hit a HR & had 3 RBI; Ben Kimpel hit a HR w/ 3 RBI; John Michal Brunner hit a HR w/ 3 RBI. RBI Angels- Ryan Burbrink hit a HR.
4 Lakeview Bull Dogs 6 BCC Cardinals 7
Bull Dogs-E. Metheny had 2 hit s & had 4 K's; R. Ellis hit a HR & had a RBI; A. Franco had a 2B & 1 RBI; A. Roswicz & J. Pryor each had a hit & 1 RBI. BCC-T. Ferry went 3-for-3 w/ a HR; R. Rentfro went 1-for-2 w/ a RBI; D. Rudnicki hit a walk-off HR.
5 Lemont Indians 5 New Canaan Stealth 4
Stealth- Rory Sheppard hi a HR; Matthew Lithgow hit a HR.
6 Fort Wayne Wallen Tigers 3 Brookfield Bulldogs 4
Fort Wayne- Tanner Pollock hit a HR;
7 Pompano Predators B 13 New York Swing Away Starz 3
9 Kenston Bombers 0 Orland Park Sparks Travelers 20
Orland Park- Richie Matyas hit a HR, 3 RS & pitched a CG shutout; Mike Krzus & Brian Sicher each had 3 RS; Mike Malfeo, nico Zych, Jon Smith & Greg Pappas each had 2 RS.
10 Westlake Warriors 3 South Oakland As 10
Oakland A's- John Keith, Greg Fettes & Alex Maodus hit back to back to back HR's; Jarod Doss hit a HR.
11 Tyngsboro All Stars 12 North Florida Sluggers 9
Tyngsboro- Chase Bukowicz & Adam Byron each went 3-for-4; Cody Lchrist was the WP. Sluggers- Matt Williams went 2-for-3 w/ 2 2B's.
12 Kentucky Storm 6 Highland Heights Heat 4
13 Wellington Warriors 11 Eastview Lightning 7
Warriors- Thomas Kirchner went 4-for-4 w/ 2 1B's, 2 HR's & 8 RBI. Lightning- Ty McDevitt hit a HR; Matthew Galloway went 3-for-3 w/ 3 RS & 1 RBI.
14 Central New York Pioneers National 1 Jersey Shore Thunder 16
Thunder- Mike Reardon hit a HR & pitched a 1 hitter; Brian Smith hit a GS HR; Brendan McGAnn hit a 2 run HR.
15 Utah Sandy Sharks 7 Grapevine Whitecaps 1
Utah Sharks- McCoy Hill had a 2B; Colby Oliverson went 3-for-3; Carson Tilby was the WP.
16 Green Mountain Rams 2 Stars of Tomorrow 7
17 Scottsdale Cobras 7 Atlantic Braves 5
Cobras- Nick DeRegis hit a 2 RBI 1B. Braves- Johnathan Mead had 3 1B's.
18 Carolina Sand Jacks 6 Farmington Indians 0
Sand Jacks- Dylan Joyner pitched a shutout w/ 14K's; Zach Smith went 3-for-3; Cam Smith went 1-for-3 w/ a RBI; Eric Bane went 1-for-1; Jeff Young went 2-for-2 w/ a RBI.
Sunday-4:30 PM 1 Georgia Mustangs 18 Burlingame Stars 2
Burlingame- Brendan Galindo hit a 2 run HR. Mustangs- team had 15 hits; DJ Smith went 3-for-3 w/ 4 RS.
2 Melrose Hammerheads 0 North Tampa Yankees 15
Yankees- Kevin Games hit a 3 run HR & Morgan Cowan hit a solo HR (2) (Back to Back); T.J. Wharton hit a 2 run HR.
4 Knoxville Impact 5 West Chester Bulldogs 12
Bulldos- Matt Dnoss hit a HR; Zack Gemberling hit a GS HR.
5 Long Island Stars 13 Jersey Shore Hurricanes 1
LI Stars- Danny Sullivan hit a 2 run HR; John O'brian hit a 2 run HR; Brandon Tago hit a HR & 1 IP; Chris Red went 2-for-2; Dan Ventricelli 3 IP.
6 Texas Lightning 12 Carolina Cougars 2
Lightning- Gino Madrid went 4-for-4; James Bellard went 3-for-3 w/ a HR; Carson Asbury went 2-for-2; Joe Arechiga & Carson Asbury pitched a combined CG.
7 Mountville Indians 12 Bedford Redbirds 0
Indians- Tyler Clark pitched a 4 hit shutout.
9 Germantown Athletic Club Hawks 15 Darien Dragons 1
Darien- Mike Grzetic went 2-for-3 w/ 1 RS. Germantown- Ben Kelly 4 IP & went 4-for-4 w/ 4 RBI; Dylan Wohnhas went 3-for-3 w/ 3 RBI.
10 Storm - LVP Knights 3 St. Bernard Rangers 11
Knights- Jon Morriswent 3-for-3 w/ 2 HR's; Matt Minuti 3 IP, 1 RA. Rangers- TJ Diaz pitched a CG; Brian Reaney hit a HR.
11 Brentwood Braves 6 Hawaii Rainbow Menehune 4
12 Mifflin Mustangs 10 Anchor Bay Angels 2
Mustangs- Scott Merz 6 IP CG.
13 Rockets 2 Pompano Predators 10
Predators- Christian Toth 5 Ip & was the WP.
14 Mendon Storm 5 Jersey Shore Stars Red 9
Storm- Dom Grisham hit a 3 run HR. Stars Red- Zach Hubbard pitched a CG & went 2-for-3 w/ 2 RBI; Austin Thomas went 3-for-3 w/ a 2 run HR & 4 RBI.
15 HCYP Raiders 4 Elmhurst Cougars 3
HCYP- Andrew Giuliani 4 IP & was the WP; Jared Hand 2 IP SAVE; Michael Branthover went 2-for-3 w/ 2 RBI; Tim Benjamin had the GW RBI 1B.
16 Texas Warriors 6 Stewards of the Game 3
Stewards- Palmer Coulman hit a 3 run HR. Warriors- Jake Hargrove & Michael Bosch each 3 IP; Brandon Kim hit 2 HR's w/ 3 RBI; Tanner Houston went 2-for-3; Alex Gebert went 2-for-2.
17 Virginia Razorbacks 12 Danville Warriors 1
18 Collins Hill Eagles Elite 18 Solon Patriots 5
Collins Hill- Zack Reinstein had 2 HR's; Michael Powell, Zack Fernandez & Nick Scheil each hit a HR.
Sunday-7:00 PM 1 Arizona Knights 19 Kentucky Storm 2
2 New York Swing Away Starz 4 Stratford Flames 3
NY Swing Away- Dustin Smith hit a 2 run HR; Troy Waekley had the GW RBI.
4 Brookfield Bulldogs 3 Carolina Sand Jacks 10
Bulldogs- Ryan Hinz & Alex Urban each hit a HR. Sand Jacks- Len Kelley & Chad Lee each hit a HR; Zack Smith hit 2 HR's; Andrew Lamb went 1-for-2 w/ 2 RBI.
5 North Florida Sluggers 16 Farmington Indians 1
Sluggers- Will Matthews pitched a No Hitter; Josh Tylski hit a 3 run HR.
6 RBI Angels 4 Lemont Indians 9
Indians- Matt Parker 3 Ip & was the WP; Matt Lithgow had 2 RBI; Eric Kwak had 2 RBI; Dominic Quaranta went 2-for-2. RBI Angels- Daniel Watkinson had 2 hits; Zach Pleffner had 2 hits; Ryan Gambrill had 2 hits.
7 Penn Warriors 14 Pinckney Pirates 1
Penn Warriors- Derek Lingafelt was the WP w/ 4 K's; Dan Simon had 2 hitsw/ 2 RBI; Nick Defilippo had 3 RBI; Mike Wilkie had 2 hits. Pirates- Joey Panfils hit a HR
9 Southwest Scorpions 1 Pacific Palisades 5
Palisades- Greg Oliva hit a HR; Dylan Jeffers pitched a 1 hitter.
10 Central New York Pioneers American 3 West Boylston Lions 4
11 North Shore Royals 8 Plum Mustangs 2
12 Orland Park Sparks Travelers 1 St. Pete Stingers 5
13 South Oakland As 19 Matawan-Aberdeen Huskies 0
Oakland A's- Greg Fettes had 3 HR's; John Keith had 2 HR's; Scott Taylor had a HR; Mike Dolloff pitched a perfect game in 4 innings w/ 12 K's.
14 Wheeling Diamond Dawgs 7 Fort Wayne Wallen Tigers 5
Wheeling- Jon-Michael Brunner 6 IP & was the WP; Jordan Moore had a 2B. Tigers- Braden Reed 6 IP.
15 New Canaan Stealth 3 Kenston Bombers 6
New Canaan- Rory Shepard hit a HR. Bombers- Braeden Dolan 3 IP; Logan Mikus had 2 hits & 2 RS.
16 Eagles 7 Westlake Warriors 2
17 Pocatello Wildcats 9 New Berlin Magic 2
Wildcats- Trevor Taft & Tyler Wise each hit a HR.
18 West Newbury Sachems 0 Wellington Warriors 14
Warriors- Devon Vargo went 2-for-2 w/ a HR; Andrew Istler hit a HR; Ray Cepeda went 3-for-3; Jerry O'Connell went 2-for-2; Tom Kitchner, Zack Turturici & Travis Michaud each had 2 hits; Ben Aqua, Travis Michaud & Eric Friedman combined for a shutout.
Monday-8:30 AM 1 Eastview Lightning 10 Danville Warriors 0
Lightning- Matt Larson hit a 1B w/ 2 RBI & a SB; Scotty Sikich hit a 2B w/ a RBI & 2 SB.
2 Anchor Bay Angels 3 Texas Lightning 7
Texas- Joe Arechiga, James Bellard & Kerry Cloud each had 2 hits. Anchor Bay- Ethan Gotz had 2 hits.
4 Mifflin Mustangs 6 North Tampa Yankees 11
Yankees- Margan Cowan hit a 2 run HR. Mustangs- Scott Merz hit a solo HR.
5 Grapevine Whitecaps 3 Germantown Athletic Club Hawks 13
Germantown- Trien-Quyen Tran hit a 3 run HR; John Spectacular went 2-for-3 w/ 2 RBI. Whitecaps- Jordan Adams hit a HR; Matthew Molle RBI; Jared Brooke hit a 1B & 2B; Craig Fischer had 2 1B's; Sean Lythe had a 1B.
6 St. Bernard Rangers 1 Collins Hill Eagles Elite 5
Eagles- Zack Fernandez 6 IP 3 hitter w/ 7 K's; Zack Reinstein hit a 3 run HR; Taylor Alexander went 2-for-2. Rangers- Andrew Madary hit a HR; Brian Reaney & Devin Shahine each had hits.
7 Jersey Shore Hurricanes 3 Stars of Tomorrow 9
Stars of Tomorrow- Mike Papi hit a 3 run HR.
8 Carolina Cougars 15 Brentwood Braves 4
Cougars- Cody Saunders & Kendrick Jackson each went 3-for-5; Dustin Spruill 3 IP & was the WP; Brian Diggs went 2-for-2 w/ a 2B.
9 Hawaii Rainbow Menehune 2 Scottsdale Cobras 14
Cobras- Jason Phillips & Jordan Hein each hit a HR; Chris Dale & Logan Domenico combined for 4 innings.
10 Melrose Hammerheads 2 Long Island Stars 17
LI Stars- Scott Sauer went 2-for-2 w/ a HR & 3 RS; Brandon Trigo went 2-for-2 w/ a GS HR , 6 RBI & 3 RS; Matt Kelly 3 IP; Brendan Swayne 1 IP.
11 Jersey Shore Stars Red 4 Mountville Indians 3
13 Bedford Redbirds 6 Texas Warriors 10
Redbirds- Jared Kujaula went 2-for-2 w/ a 2 run HR & 3 RBI. Warriors- Cameron Massengil went 2-for-3 & 4 IP (WP); Josh Allen 2 IP; Michael Bisch had a 2 run HR & 2 RBI; Tanner Houston & Zach Frakes each went 2-for-3 w/ 2 RBI & 1 SB.
14 Burlingame Stars 0 HCYP Raiders 14
Raiders- Michael Long pitched a no hitter w/ 3 K's; Michael Branthover hit a GS HR; Garrett Sancomb hit a 2 RBI 2B; Michael Long, Brian Comiskey, Jack Drexel & Jared Hand each had 1 hit & 3 RS.
15 Stewards of the Game 11 Storm - LVP Knights 0
Stewards of the Game- Daniel Armstrong pitched a 2 hitter; Palmer Coleman hit a HR; Cameron Travis went 2-for-2.
16 Virginia Razorbacks 3 Georgia Mustangs 13
Mustangs- Daniel Spingola 5 IP; Zach Brigham hit a HR; Kevin Bolack had 4 RS. Razorbacks- Travis Frum hit a HR & 6 IP CG; Kevin Tatum hit a HR.
17 Pompano Predators 9 Utah Sandy Sharks 4
Utah- McCoy Hill & Brady Gonzales each hit a 2B. Predators- Jordan Selbach was the WP; Taylor Robinson had the SAVE; Christian Toth hit a HR; Jordan Sebach hit a HR.
18 Elmhurst Cougars 6 Rockets 4
Elmhurst- Kyle Leone hit a 2 run HR. Rockets- Alex Witkus hit 2 HR's; Zach Horton hit a HR.
Monday-11:00 AM 1 Westlake Warriors 4 Pocatello Wildcats 6
Warriors- Trevor Gretzky hit a HR. Wildcats- Tanner Nielson hit a HR.
2 Pinckney Pirates 4 Highland Heights Heat 12
Pirates- Joey Panfil hit a HR. Heat- Cam Carmen went 2-for-3 w/ a 2 run HR; Blake Parker 6 IP w/ 4 K's (WP).
4 Arizona Knights 17 Kenston Bombers 5
Knights- Tyler Krause hit a 3 run HR; PeterLenstrohm had 2 hit sw/ 2 RS; Janson Marshall hit a GS HR. Bombers- Pat Porter & Nolan Marks each hit a 2 run HR.
5 Pacific Palisades 13 RBI Angels 3
Palisades- Scott McRoskey hit a HR; Evan Abraham & Nick Poulos pitched a combined No-Hitter.
6 Fort Wayne Wallen Tigers 7 Southwest Scorpions 8
Wallen Tigers- Tanner Pollock hit a GS HR. Scorpions- Nathan Hargrave hit 3 HR's ( 3rd was a GW walk-off HR); Zack Williams 3 IP shutout (WP).
7 Kentucky Storm 4 New Berlin Magic 15
New Berlin- Brad Duggan pitched; Alex Herrman had 2 RBI. Storm- Tyler Johnson 4 IP; Aaron Wilson hit a 3 run HR.
8 Farmington Indians 6 Brookfield Bulldogs 18
Farmington- Cody Haumann hit a 2 run HR; Johny Giovannucci hit a 2 RBI 2B. Bulldogs- Zach Ieuscher went 2-for-3 w/ 4 RBI; Kevin Sylla went 3-for-4 w/ 2 RBI; Ryan Hinz went 3-for-3; Nick Hubbard went 2-for-3; Alex Urban hit a 2 run HR.
9 Central New York Pioneers American 8 Carolina Sand Jacks 9
Jacks- Andrew Lamb HR
10 North Shore Royals 13 Wheeling Diamond Dawgs 9
Wheeling- John Mirandy hit a HR; Jordan Moore hit a GS HR. Royals- Ryan Leahy hit a 2 RBI 1B; Alex Morhaim 3 IP (WP).
11 Matawan-Aberdeen Huskies 4 St. Pete Stingers 12
13 Lemont Indians 5 Jersey Shore Thunder 6
Indians- Kevin Goergen hit a 2B & had 2 RBI; Eric Kwac had a 2B; Jeff Gurresters 5 1/3 IP, 3 RA. Thunder- Luke Rovkowinski hit tying HR in 8th; Ron Vilardi hit in tyging run in 6th; Tyler Gilson 3 IP (WP).
14 New Canaan Stealth 2 Eagles 8
New Canaan- Will Prezosi hit a HR; Brett Conners 3 IP. Eagles- Eric Heidelman 4 IP; Andrew Mills had a DP.
15 South Oakland As 19 Plum Mustangs 4
As- Mike Dolloff HR: Bobby Pardon HR: Greg pitched 4 strong innings: Plum- Jimmy Molitierno 3-run HR
16 Orland Park Sparks Travelers 2 West Boylston Lions 6
Lions- Matt Leblannc was the WP; Aaron Chaffoe & Matt Goguen each hit a HR.
17 Tyngsboro All Stars 6 New York Swing Away Starz 8
Starz- Matt Cornmire went 3-for-3 w/ 2 RBI & had 6 K's (WP). Tyngsboro- Greg Shaw hit a HR; Chase Bukowiec & Cody Gilchrist each had 2 hits.
18 Penn Warriors 4 Pompano Predators B 5
Penn- Tommy Adamek hit solo HR. Predators B- Buddy Tight had the GW RBI; Michael Hanke 5 IP; Jack Crittenberger 2 IP.
Monday-1:45 PM 1 Stewards of the Game 7 Virginia Razorbacks 8
Razorbacks- 7-2 going in the bottom of the 6th and Razorbacks scored 6 to win 8 to 7
2 BCC Cardinals 9 Wellington Warriors 3
Cardinals- Henry Sesson HR: Tim Ferry complete game victory also had 3 RBI: Sam Zeisel 2 hits w/ 2 R
4 Danville Warriors 7 HCYP Raiders 8
Raiders- Jared Hand pitched 2 1/3 scoreless innings for the win: Tim Benjamin had game winning hit w/ 2 outs in the bottom of the 6th
5 Lakeview Bull Dogs 0 West Chester Bulldogs 12
Bulldogs- Connor Wing 4IP w/ no-hitter, 9 K: Mike Jerinski HR
6 St. Louis Rangers 12 Darien Dragons 5
Dragons- Kevin Carlson 3-run HR: Sean Lenz 2 for 2: Rangers- Zach Meier 5 IP: Blake Besancenez 2 for 3 w/ 2B: Luke Wetzler 2 for 3 w/ 2 RBI
7 Storm - LVP Knights 6 North Florida Sluggers 8
sluggers-Caleb Weber-Hill 2-run HR: Will Matthews 2 for 3
8 Solon Patriots 4 Atlantic Braves 1
Braves- Justin Cafferty single in the 6th: 3 Runners thrown out from catchers positions
9 West Newbury Sachems 3 Central New York Pioneers National 10
Pioneers- Ryan Hartnett 3 for 4: Jeff Albright 2 for 2: Mike Cardone CG w/ 8 K: Sachems- CJ Lataille 2 for 3: Cameron Roberts HR
10 Jersey Shore Stars Red 4 Green Mountain Rams 11
Rams- Chase Stanker HR w/ 4 RBI: Shay Lkynes 3 for 4: Heath Figler 3 for 4: Paul Golob 2 2B: Red- Zech Hubbard 2 for 3:
11 New Orleans Spice 10 Stratford Flames 1
Spice- Josh Faciane complete game win w/ 7 K
13 Scottsdale Cobras 13 Mendon Storm 0
Cobras- Connor Attinger HR: Four pitchers combined for a shut out( Jimmy Crawley, Nick DeValeria, Jim Blaha, Dustin Coffindaffer):
14 Jersey Shore Hurricanes 11 Elmhurst Cougars 15
Cougars- Kyle Leone 2 HR(Grand Slam):
15 Carolina Cougars 19 Burlingame Stars 3
Cougars- 19 hits: Back to back HRs ( Kendrick Jackson and Andrew Jacot): Alden Lawrence HR: Dustin Spruil 4 for 5: Jackson WP: Stars- Kyle Bugg 1 for 2 w/ HR
16 Germantown Athletic Club Hawks 10 Hawaii Rainbow Menehune 1
Hawks- Chris Dehoff HR w/ 2 RBI: Evan Hughes 2B w/ 3 RBI:
17 Georgia Mustangs 7 Knoxville Impact 1
Mustang- Chipper Cornwll 6 IP
18 Mountville Indians 9 Pompano Predators 3
Predators- Jordan Selbach HR: Indians- Zach Brubaker and Tyler Clark both went 3 for 4 w/ each scoring twice
Monday-4:30 PM 1 New Berlin Magic 0 South Oakland As 14
As- Alex Maodus pitched a no-hitter
2 New York Swing Away Starz 8 Penn Warriors 9
Warriors- Daniel Simon 3 RBI: Derek Lingafelt 2 hits: Tommy Adamek HR w/ 2 RBI: Jared Jupena WP: Starz- Tyler Mallinder HR: Dylan Van Dresar 4 for 4
4 Plum Mustangs 10 Westlake Warriors 1
5 Pompano Predators B 16 Lemont Indians 1
Predators- Keenan Holiday Grand Slam: Mike Anderson pitched a full game
6 Brookfield Bulldogs 6 Pacific Palisades 13
Bulldogs- Kevin Sylla 2-run HR
7 Jersey Shore Thunder 15 Pinckney Pirates 7
Pirates- 11 hits: Cory Heatwole 4 hits: Thunder- Trevor Baldwin, Jack Henning, Pat Moore each pitched to lead the team to a victory
8 Highland Heights Heat 8 Tyngsboro All Stars 7
All Stars- Cody Gilchrist 2R HR: Greg Shaw 2 hits: Heat- Mike Daugherty 6 IP: Rob Razzante 2 for 4 w/ 2B, 2-run HR
9 Farmington Indians 14 RBI Angels 15
Angels- Ricky Cash Game winning RBI: Angels down 9-1 to the second and came back to win: Indians- Augie Smith HR
10 Carolina Sand Jacks 9 Southwest Scorpions 1
Jacks- Cameron Smith 2 HR w/ 5 RBI
11 Orland Park Sparks Travelers 0 North Shore Royals 6
Royals- Norman Bell RBI: Brian Hunter 2 1B w/ SB: Ryan Leahy 2B w/ RBI: Alec Sole WP allowing 2 hits
13 St. Pete Stingers 13 Wheeling Diamond Dawgs 3
14 Central New York Pioneers American 3 Fort Wayne Wallen Tigers 5
Tigers- Cody Schoeff 2B: Remound Wright scored winning run: Wright pithed 3 inning w/ 5 K: American- Cito Culver HR
15 West Boylston Lions 5 Kenston Bombers 7
Bombers- Nolan Marks WP w/ 6 K in relief, plus 3 hits w/ 2 RBI: Lions- Aaron Chaffee 2B w/ run scored: Connor McDavitt 2 hits w/ RBI, R
16 Kentucky Storm 1 New Canaan Stealth 13
Stealth- Nick Depuy 3IP allowing no hits: Matt Sammarco 2 for 3: Alex Farina 2 for 2
17 Pocatello Wildcats 2 Arizona Knights 7
knights- Peter Lenstrohm 3 IP allowing 1 hit with 0 ER:
18 Eagles 7 Matawan-Aberdeen Huskies 4
Eagles- Jace Coon hit HR in the 6th to tie the game and then hit a HR in the 8th to seal the victory for the Eagles
Monday-7:00 PM 1 Stars of Tomorrow 17 West Newbury Sachems 2
Stars- Erik Washburn 2 HR w/ 5 RBI
2 North Florida Sluggers 7 Grapevine Whitecaps 3
Whitecapes- Travis Valtman 5 K: Jordan Adams 3B: Travis Gibson 2B: Sluggers- Will Matthews 4 2/3 pitching a no hitter for the win
4 Wellington Warriors 18 Lakeview Bull Dogs 3
Warriors- Andrew Istler 2 HR: Devon Vargo HR: Tom Kirchner HR: Bulldogs- Justin Misterka HR w/ RBI:
5 Stratford Flames 9 Atlantic Braves 8
Flames- scored 4 runs in the 6th inning: Braves- Justin Cafferty Grand Slam
6 New Orleans Spice 9 BCC Cardinals 8
Spice- Colin Lagasse 6 IP: Luther Bridges HR: Josh Faciane HR: Cards- Tim Ferry 4 for 5: Henry Sisson 3 for 4: Daniel Rossett 2 hits
7 Central New York Pioneers National 0 West Chester Bulldogs 12
Bulldogs- Matt Guttman 4 IP of shut out baseball: Matt Dross 2 RBI: Jerry Jerminski 2 RBI
8 Mendon Storm 1 Knoxville Impact 14
9 Green Mountain Rams 6 Texas Warriors 11
Rams-Alex Beyea hit a 3-Run HR, Shay Lynes went 2-4 with 2 RBI's. Warriors: Brandon Kim went 3-3 including a 3-Run HR and drove in 4 runs, Michael Bosch went 2-4 with 1 RBI, Tanner Houston went 2-3 with 2 RBI's, Dillan May went 2-3 and had 2 RBI's.
10 North Tampa Yankees 7 St. Louis Rangers 0
Yankees- Morgan Cowan solo HR: Cody Mizell 6 IP w/ CG shut out: Alex Knapp 3 RBI
11 Long Island Stars 14 Mifflin Mustangs 3
Stars- Brandon Trigo pitched 2 1/3 innings w/ 6 K: John O Brien 2 innings pitched: Brandon Swayne 4 for 5 w/ 4 RBI, HR: Kevin Dick was on base 4 times: Danny Sullivan HR w/ 3 R
13 Anchor Bay Angels 5 Solon Patriots 6
Angels- Austin Brunk HR: Kevin Collica pitched a complete game: Patriots- Brandon Chukaryne HR
14 Eastview Lightning 20 Bedford Redbirds 5
Lightning- Ty McDevitt 3 for 4 w/ 2 R, RBI: Corey Woods 3 for 4 w/ 4 R: Jacob Ulrich Grand Slam
15 Texas Lightning 7 Collins Hill Eagles Elite 3
Eagles- Nick Scheil HR plus 5 Hits: Michael Powell 2 for 3: Lightning- team combined for 10 hits: Caleb Asp WP
16 Brentwood Braves 0 Utah Sandy Sharks 12
Sharks- Carson Tilby WP 9 batters faced w/ 5 K: Grant Garry 2 for 2 w/ BB: Brady Gonzales 3 for 3: Mitchell Casey 2B: JT Rose HR
17 Rockets 0 St. Bernard Rangers 9
Rangers- Devin Shahine Complete game shut out
18 Darien Dragons 6 Melrose Hammerheads 10
Dragons- Matt Korienek 2 Hits: Mike Grzetic 2 hits, 4 IP: Hammerheads- Melrose down 6-4 in the 5th but then scored 6 runs: Bobby Hansen HR
Tuesday-8:30 AM 1 New Canaan Stealth 1 Arizona Knights 5
Knights: Jake Somers hit a 2 HR's, Harlan Gatewood hit a HR, Daniel Winkler pitched a complete game only giving up 3 hits. Stealth: John Luke hit a double.
2 Pacific Palisades 6 Tyngsboro All Stars 4
4 Kenston Bombers 14 Matawan-Aberdeen Huskies 7
Bombers: Logan Mikus and Braeden Dolan both went 3-3. Huskies: Steven Buccellato and Ben Sawyer both hit HR's.
5 Southwest Scorpions 6 Penn Warriors 7
Warriors: Drew Bruno and Josh Chronowski had 2 RBI's each. Jarad Jupena went 3-3, Derek Lingafelt pitched a complete game. Scorpions: Cory Crump wemt 2-3, Ben Lumsden went 2-3 with a HR, Sean Villalobos went 3-3 and Zack Williams went 2-2.
6 Wheeling Diamond Dawgs 17 Farmington Indians 3
Indians: Pat Bowen hit a 3-Run HR. Dawgs: Jon-Michael Brunner went 4-4, Jordan Moore went 2-4, Ben Kimpel went 2-3, Maxx Peluchette went 2-3.
7 Lemont Indians 5 New York Swing Away Starz 6
Starz: Collin Way hit a HR with 2 RBI's. Tyler Mautner had the game winning RBI. Indians: Dom Quaranta went 2-3.
8 Jersey Shore Thunder 6 RBI Angels 3
Angels: Christian Corssney RBI, Johnny Vernon had 2 hits and a RBI, Corey Dirks pitched 4 great innings and drove in a run.
9 North Shore Royals 17 Brookfield Bulldogs 3
Bulldogs: Alex Urban went 2-2 with a HR. Billy Calawerts, Brian Sylla and Jack Lawton all went 1-2 in the game. Royals: 16 hits as a team. Chris Sarling double and 1 RBI, Eric Rizzo went 3-4, Brian Hunter went 3-3 and Alex Morham went 2-2.
10 Fort Wayne Wallen Tigers 9 Highland Heights Heat 10
Heat: Harry Morgenstern pitched a complete game, Rob Razzante went 3-3 with a HR, Cam Carmen went 1-3 with a 3-Run HR. Tigers: Caleb Heller hit a HR.
11 South Oakland As 7 Central New York Pioneers American 1
South Oakland: Greg Fettes and Johnny Keith hit HR's. Central NY: Tom Roberts pitched a complete game 4-hitter.
12 New Berlin Magic 9 Plum Mustangs 10
Mustangs: Cory Myers was 4-4, Kevin Bair had 4 RBI's. The Mustangs overcame a 9 run deficit.
13 Pocatello Wildcats 4 Eagles 12
Eagles: Luke Zeske and Brice Cason hit the ball hard. Nash Nelson had 2 doubles and 2 singles.
14 Mountville Indians 9 West Boylston Lions 5
Indians: Mark Feiler hit 2 HR's, Steven Feister pitched a complete game. Lions: Connor McDavitt had 3 hits including a Grand Slam.
15 Pinckney Pirates 2 Pompano Predators B 10
Pompano: Byron Howard pitched a complete game. Pirates: Joey Panfil pitched a complete game.
17 St. Pete Stingers 2 Carolina Sand Jacks 5
Jacks: Aric Bane went 2-2 with a HR, Dylan Joyner and Zack Smith added HR's.
18 Kentucky Storm 2 Orland Park Sparks Travelers 14
Tuesday-11:00 AM 1 Anchor Bay Angels 4 Melrose Hammerheads 7
Hammerheads: Ryan Sherlock hit a Grand Slam, Bobby Hanson had 7 K's. Angels: Cody Tipton went 2-3 with 2 RBI's, Dominic Brugnoni went 2-3.
2 Scottsdale Cobras 15 Stratford Flames 5
Cobras: Ben Duermit was 3-4 with a HR 2 runs scored and 3 RBI's, Jason Phillips hit a 3-Run HR.
4 Storm - LVP Knights 6 Central New York Pioneers National 1
5 New Orleans Spice 12 West Newbury Sachems 2
Spice: Tyler De Agano hit a HR, Jody Trapani had a RBI single, Mike Pfister pitched a complete game. Sachems: Geoff Brennen had 3 hits.
6 Atlantic Braves 8 North Florida Sluggers 9
Sluggers: Andrew Lancaster went 3-3, Josh Tylski hit a 2-Run HR, Curtis Murphree hit a 3-Run HR. Braves: Joe Morris hit a HR.
7 Stars of Tomorrow 10 Wellington Warriors 6
Warriors: Devin Vargo hit a HR.
8 West Chester Bulldogs 7 Green Mountain Rams 0
Bulldogs: Dominic Wyshinski and Matt Guttman hit HR's, Jerry Jerminski had 8 K's.
9 St. Louis Rangers 11 BCC Cardinals 10
Rangers: Jon Willie hit a 3-Run HR. Cardinals: Russ Rentfro hit 2 HR's and finished with 3 RBI's, Tim Ferry hit a double and a HR finishing with 2 RBI's, Henry Sisson hit a HR, and Dillion Rudnicki had 3 hits including 1 HR.
10 Jersey Shore Hurricanes 20 Lakeview Bull Dogs 9
Lakeview: Anthony Franco, Ryan Ellis, Andrew Cappuzzello, Alex Rosowicz, David Iklodi, and Justin Misterka all hit a singles. Hurricanes: Chris Seaman hit 2 HR's, Kevin Bell hit a 2 RBI double, Matt Pellegrino had 3 hits, and Adam Harris went 3-4.
11 Darien Dragons 0 North Tampa Yankees 10
Yankees: Morgan Cowan hit a 2 Solo-HR and Cody Mizelle hit a 3-Run HR.
12 Grapevine Whitecaps 4 Long Island Stars 6
Stars: Danny Sullivan pitched 3 innings giving up no hits or runs. Whitecaps: Jordan Adams double and 1 RBI, Patch McClanahan had a single, Jared Brooke had a single, double and 1 RBI.
13 Germantown Athletic Club Hawks 16 Mifflin Mustangs 4
Mustangs: Scott Merz and Adam Beilhart hit HR's. Hawks: Frank Berkanic and Chris DeHoff hit HR's, Derek Carter had 2 hits and John Sprecher was 3-3.
14 Brentwood Braves 0 Texas Lightning 11
Lightning: Aaron Cramer and Carson Asbury combined for a 2-hit shutout. Regino Madrid had 3 hits including a HR, Daniel Gallegos had 3 hits.
15 St. Bernard Rangers 17 Solon Patriots 2
Rangers: Zach Galjour hit 2 HR's.
17 Utah Sandy Sharks 4 Collins Hill Eagles Elite 2
Eagles: Alex Morris and Zack Fernandez both hit HR's. Sharks: Complete game pitched Carson Tilby and had 8K's. McCoy Hill and Grant Garry hit doubles.
18 Hawaii Rainbow Menehune 2 Carolina Cougars 14
Cougars: Had 15 hits including a HR by Andrew Jacot. Hawaii: HR hit by Lance Pea.
Tuesday-1:45 PM 1 Orland Park Sparks Travelers 4 New Berlin Magic 6
Travelers: Kevin DeMatteo hit a HR. Magic: Drew North pitched 5 strong innings.
2 HCYP Raiders 5 Mountville Indians 4
Raiders: Michael Branthover hit a Grand Slam. Kevin Buchiane pitched a complete game. Adam Brookhart had a busy day at shortstop recording 6 assists.
4 West Boylston Lions 6 New Canaan Stealth 2
Lions-Jeremy Phelps and Matt LeBlanc each hit a HR, Michael Dickman pitched. New Canaan-Will Preziosi hit a HR, James Malizia pitched.
5 Texas Warriors 10 Georgia Mustangs 13
Texas Warriors-Alex Gerbert pitched 3 innings, and went 1-2 w/ 3-run HR, Zach Frakes went 2-3 w/ RBI, Jake Hargrove pitched an inning, Josh Allen went 2-3 w/ 2 runs and an RBI, Cameron Massengill went 2-3 w/ 2 runs and an RBI.
6 Danville Warriors 5 Stewards of the Game 14
Danville-John Meko went 2-4. Stewards-Cameron Travis and Palmer Coleman each hit a 2-run HR, Tanner Cassady went 3-3.
7 Knoxville Impact 11 Burlingame Stars 5
Knoxville-Ben Winters and Andrew Rouse each hit a HR. Burlingame-Team scored 4 runs in the 6th, Kyle Ruldolph hit a 2B.
8 Bedford Redbirds 11 Jersey Shore Stars Red 7
Redbirds-Jared Kujawa went 2-4 w/ 2 RBI and pitched 5 1/3 innings, Josh Keifer went 1-3 w/ 2 RBI. Jersey Shore-Ryan Mahon went 2-3 w/ 3 runs, Paul Grodeska went 2-4 and pitched 3 innings.
9 Mendon Storm 4 Rockets 14
Rockets-Paul McCarthy hit a GS, Bobby Richman hit a 3-run HR, Eddie Fitzpatrick had 3 hits and pitched 3 innings, Colby Johnson pitched 3 innings. Mendon Storm-Dan Homes hit a 2-run HR, Jake Rosati pitched 2 scoreless innings.
10 Matawan-Aberdeen Huskies 14 Virginia Razorbacks 9
Matawan-Pat Egan went 4-4, Ben Sawyer went 3-3, Rob Fisher hit a 3-run HR, Steve Bucellato went 3-3 w/ HR.
11 Elmhurst Cougars 3 Pompano Predators 4
Cougars: Brian Wadsworth had 2 hits including a double. Predators: Jordan Selbach hit a HR. Shelby Petik had the game winning hit.
12 Kenston Bombers 6 St. Pete Stingers 7
Stingers-Morgan Harris had the game tying RBI, Aiden Devore had the GW RBI.
13 North Shore Royals 10 Eastview Lightning 9
Royals-Alec Sole had the GW hit, Brian Hunter hit a HR and was the WP, Matt LaRocca got the SV. Lightning-David Barry had 2 singles, Ty McDevitt hit a 3-run HR.
14 Central New York Pioneers American 7 Eagles 9
Central New York-Cito Culver hit a HR. Eagles-Bryce Cason hit a GS.
15 Plum Mustangs 5 Pocatello Wildcats 4
Mustangs: Ryan Garrity hit a HR.
17 Westlake Warriors 14 Kentucky Storm 0
Westlake: Chris Breen threw a no-hitter.
18 Farmington Indians 0 South Oakland As 23
A's: Bobby Pardon hit 2 HR's.
Tuesday-4:30 PM 1 Long Island Stars 6 Stars of Tomorrow 7
Long Island-Danny Sullivan went 3-3, Brandon Trigo went 2-4, Chris Rodriguez went 2-3 w/ 3 RBI, Mike Rakitzis scored. Stars of Tomorrow-Kyle Raimo had a SAC bunt, Cody Silverman hit a walk-off 2-run HR.
2 Central New York Pioneers National 2 BCC Cardinals 14
BCC Cardinals-Tim Ferry went 3-3 w/ HR and 3 RBI, Henry Sisson went 3-3 w/ HR and 5 RBI, Dillon Rudnicki hit a HR, Sam Stevens had 2 hits.
4 West Newbury Sachems 0 Germantown Athletic Club Hawks 10
Germantown-Frank Barkanic hit a 2-run HR and pitched a shutout, Dylan Wohnhas went 3-3 w/ 4 RBI. Sachems-Team turned a Double play.
5 North Florida Sluggers 2 Scottsdale Cobras 3
Scottsdale-Nick DeRegis, Jimmy Crawley and Logan Domenico combined for the win.
6 Solon Patriots 1 Storm - LVP Knights 4
7 Stratford Flames 5 St. Louis Rangers 9
St. Louis-Eric Laurant went 2-2 w/ RBI, Kory Konrad went 2-3 w/ 3 RBI and he also pitched 2 2/3 innings.
8 Wellington Warriors 6 New Orleans Spice 14
Spice-Luke Voiron and Allen Newman pitched, Luther Bridges hit a 2-run and a 3-run HR, Jonny Coco hit a 2-run HR, Josh Faciane went 4-4.
9 Grapevine Whitecaps 4 St. Bernard Rangers 16
Whitecaps-Jordan Adams hit a 3-run HR. St. Bernard-Andrew Madary hit a HR.
10 West Chester Bulldogs 3 Texas Lightning 4
Texas-Carson Asbury hit a 2-run HR, Caleb Asp pitched a CG, Team turned 3 double plays. Bulldogs-Team had 7 hits.
11 Atlantic Braves 1 Utah Sandy Sharks 10
Sharks-McCoy Hill pitched a CG, Brady Gonzales and Mitchell Casey each hit a 2B, Bryson Benton went 3-3. Braves-Cody Bostic went 2-2 w/ 2B, Jon Meads went 2-2.
12 Hawaii Rainbow Menehune 3 Lakeview Bull Dogs 8
Lakeview-David Iklido had a 2B w/ 2 RBI, Josh Pryor had 2 K's, Ryan Ellis had 2 RBI, Elliott Metheny had a single, P.J. Hovis pitched 5 innings. Hawaii-Lance Pea hit a 2-run HR.
13 Green Mountain Rams 0 North Tampa Yankees 12
Yankees-Morgan Cowan hit a soloHR and a GS, Opie Brodbeck hit a 2-run HR, T.J. Wharton had 2 RBI.
14 Anchor Bay Angels 1 Jersey Shore Hurricanes 6
Hurricanes-Chris Seaman pitched 2 innings and 2 RBI, Zack Adams pitched 4 innings, Kevin Bell had an RBI, Michael Losch had 2 RBI.
15 Carolina Cougars 18 Melrose Hammerheads 0
Cougars-Team had 11 hits, Kendrick Jackson went 3-4 w/ HR, Josh Eure and Brandon Winslow hit back-to-back HR's, Cody Saunders hit a HR.
17 Brentwood Braves 11 Darien Dragons 8
Darien-Matt Korienek had 2 hits and 2 RBI, Daniel Vanchieri had 2 RBI. Braves-Brenan Ostler hit a 3-run HR.
18 Mifflin Mustangs 2 Collins Hill Eagles Elite 12
Collins Hill-Taylor Alexander pitched 5 innings and went 3-3 w/ 2B, Zach Reinstien hit a 2-run HR, Doug Lloyd and Zck Fernandez both went 2-3, Mustangs-Zach Woodworth pitched 5 innings.
Tuesday-7:00 PM 1 Carolina Sand Jacks 12 Fort Wayne Wallen Tigers 0
Sand Jacks-Chad Lee hit a HR, Dylan Joyner hit a 3-run HR.
2 Texas Warriors 17 Rockets 8
Warriors- Josh Allen WP: Brandon Kim 3 for 3 w/ HR, 3 RBI: Cameron Massengil 4 for 4 w/ 2 HR, 5 RBI: Michael Bosch 3 for 4: Dillan May 2 for 4 w/ HR, 3 RBI: Rockets- Eric Perry 2-run HR
4 Pompano Predators 13 Bedford Redbirds 1
Redbirds-Jared Kujawa went 1-2 w/ HR. Predators-Tyler Robinson hit a HR and got the win, Jordan Selbach and Brett Koliani each hit a HR.
5 Burlingame Stars 5 Elmhurst Cougars 6
Elmhurst-Kyle Leone hit a 3-run HR.
6 New York Swing Away Starz 1 Georgia Mustangs 13
Mustang- Daniel Spingola Grand Slam: Zach Brigham HR: Nick Luly 4 IP
7 Mendon Storm 5 Westlake Warriors 6
Westlake-Trevor Gretzky hit a HR, Travis Radke hit the GW HR. Storm-Matt Bailey pitched 4 innings.
8 Stewards of the Game 4 Eastview Lightning 1
Stewards-Daniel Armstrong pitched a CG, Palmer Coleman went 2-3. Lightning-Alec Knop went 2-3.
9 Pompano Predators B 5 Knoxville Impact 8
Impact-Ben Winters pitched a CG.
10 Jersey Shore Thunder 4 Danville Warriors 3
Jersey Shore-Trevor Baldwin scored the winning run, Mike Reardon pitched.
11 Tyngsboro All Stars 6 Virginia Razorbacks 12
Razorbacks-Travis Frum hit a HR. All Stars-Cody Gilchrist hit a HR.
12 RBI Angels 3 Penn Warriors 13
Penn-Tyler McCafferty and Josh Chronoksi each had 2 hits, Josh was the WP.
13 Lemont Indians 6 Highland Heights Heat 7
Highland-Chuck Fuente pitched 4 innings and had the game winning RBI.
14 Pinckney Pirates 5 Arizona Knights 17
15 Wheeling Diamond Dawgs 10 Pacific Palisades 7
17 Jersey Shore Stars Red 5 HCYP Raiders 7
18 Brookfield Bulldogs 2 Southwest Scorpions 1
Bulldogs- Nick Hubbard and Brian Sylla combined to allow only 1 run: Alex Urban 2 for 3: Scorpions- Ben Lumsden 2 for 3 w/ HR
Wednesday-8:00 AM 1 West Chester Bulldogs 14 Kentucky Storm 3
Storm- Jordan Hoffer pitched a complete game: Bulldogs- Matt Guttman 2 HR: Mike Jerminski HR
2 Carolina Cougars 3 Wellington Warriors 5
Cougars- Dustin Spruill HR: Warriors- HRs (Tom Kirchner, Devin Vargo, Andrew Istler).
3 Eagles 7 Orland Park Sparks Travelers 5
Travelers- Mike Malfeo HR: Brian Sicher 3 for 3
4 North Tampa Yankees 12 Solon Patriots 1
Yankees- Morgan Cowan HR: Chris Rheaume HR: Cody Hamlin HR: Patriots- Daniel Goetz 1B:
5 Stars of Tomorrow 5 St. Bernard Rangers 6
Rangers- Tristan Diaz pitched a complete game plus a 2-run HR: Stars- Jarhodys Mojica HR: Nicholas Ettore HR
6 South Oakland As 11 West Newbury Sachems 0
Sachems- Geoff Brennan 2 for 2: As- Ryan Horvath 3 hit shut out: HR( Greg Fettes, Johnny Keith)
7 Long Island Stars 4 Germantown Athletic Club Hawks 10
Hawks- Frank Barkanic 2-run HR: Michael Sarecky 2 2B: Lucas Thompson 2 for 3 w/ 3 RBI: Tommy McCartin had a perfect bunt: Stars- Sullivan 2 for 3: Brandon Trigo 2B
8 Collins Hill Eagles Elite 5 Melrose Hammerheads 10
Eagles- Zack Fernandez 2 HR: Zack Reinstein HR: Hammerheads- Danny Riordan 2 for 3 w/ HR: Andrew Spinney HR: Jimmy Runge 2 for 3
9 Mifflin Mustangs 4 Brentwood Braves 7
Braves- Brian Diggs HR
10 Central New York Pioneers National 1 Anchor Bay Angels 14
Angels- Kevin Collica Complete game 2-hitter: Cody Tipton 3 for 3 w/ HR, 4 RBI: Brandon Guaresimo HR: Austin Brunk HR
11 Stratford Flames 5 Darien Dragons 6
Flames- Eric Doyle complete game: Kyle Strtton 2 hits: Dragons- Matt Korienek 2 hits: John Holokovsky 2 hits: Daniel Vanchieri WP
12 BCC Cardinals 3 Green Mountain Rams 7
BCC- Dillon Rudnicki 2 RBI: Rams- Alex Beyea HR: Joey Hemschoot 2 for 3 w/ 2B: Chase Stanker 3 BB
13 Grapevine Whitecaps 6 Hawaii Rainbow Menehune 1
Whitecaps- Matt Molle 2-run HR
14 Texas Lightning 9 St. Louis Rangers 2
Lightning- James Bellard 3 for 3 w/ 4 RBI, HR: Carson Asbury 2 for 2 w/ 2 HR, 3 RBI:
15 Farmington Indians 6 Lakeview Bull Dogs 7
Bulldogs- Anthony Franco 3 hits: Ryan Ellis 1 hit w/ 2 RBI: Alex Rosowicz 2 hits w/ RBI: David Iklodi 4 K: Elliott Metheny 2 K: Andrew Cappuzzello RBI: Indians- Pat Bowen HR: Steven Kelsey 2 for 2 w/ 3B: Cody Haumann 2 for 3 w/ 2 RBI
16 Atlantic Braves 0 North Shore Royals 14
Royals- Zach Zukoski pitched a 1 hitter: Eric Rizzo HR and 2B: Kevin Blaszky 1B w/ 2 RBI: Norman Bell 2 for 2
17 West Boylston Lions 10 St. Pete Stingers 2
18 Plum Mustangs 5 Matawan-Aberdeen Huskies 6
Huskies- Andrew Lazar 5 IP w/ 0 ER
Wednesday-10:00 AM 1 Bedford Redbirds 8 New York Swing Away Starz 9
Starz- Collin Way hit a HR; Redbirds- Alec Duncan, Mike Blake & Alex Joyce each hit a HR.
2 Elmhurst Cougars 11 Mendon Storm 1
3 Virginia Razorbacks 9 Wheeling Diamond Dawgs 5
Razorbacks- Travis Frum hit 2 HR & was the winning pitcher; John Daniel hit a HR; Dawgs- McKenzie Peluchette went 4-for-4.
4 Eastview Lightning 0 New Orleans Spice 21
Spice- Team had 19 hits; Tyler De Agano pitched a 1-hitter; Chris Sutton hit 2 HR; Jon Coco hit a HR; Josh Faciane went 4-for-4 w/ a HR; Lightning- Tyler Velin went 1-for-1.
5 Highland Heights Heat 12 Jersey Shore Stars Red 4
Heat- Mike Daughtery & Dylan Schall allowed 0 ER; Rob Razzante went 3-for-4; Hanney Morganstern went 3-for-4 w/ HR; Stars- Matt Porter went 2-for-3 & had an assist from CF; Matt Suchecki pitched 3 innings allowing 0 runs; Vincent Freda had a pinch hit 1B.
6 Stewards of the Game 10 Tyngsboro All Stars 4
Tyngsboro- Chase Bukowiec had 3 hits; Stewards- Palmer Coleman hit a HR; William Frazier pitched 3 innings of shutout baseball for the save.
7 HCYP Raiders 5 Pompano Predators 6
Raiders- Tim Benjamin hit a grandslam; Predators- James Cote was the winning pitcher; Jordan Selbach hit a HR; Brett Koliani stole home for the win.
8 Burlingame Stars 1 Jersey Shore Thunder 6
Stars- Scored run on Ryan Smith's squeeze bunt; Thunder- Trevor Baldwin pitched; Philip Forrester made final out.
9 Mountville Indians 3 New Canaan Stealth 4
Stealth- Alex Farina hit a 2-run HR; Alex Freeman pitched the close; Rory Shepard pitched 2 shutout innings; Henry Corcoran score a run; Indians- Mark Feiler & Alex Manacher each had an RBI.
10 Georgia Mustangs 15 Lemont Indians 4
Indians- Matt Lithgow went 3-for-3; Matt Parker had 2 RBI; Evan Bridwell hit a 2B; Mustangs- Luke Catledge pitched the close; Tanner Skogen pitched relief; Zach Brigham hit a HR.
11 Southwest Scorpions 13 Pinckney Pirates 5
Pirates- JP Calder & Matt O'Beirne hit back-to-back HR; Scorpions- Ben Lumsden 4-4 w/ 2 HR; Nathan Hargrave 3-3 w/ a 3-run HR; Zack Williams went 2-3 w/ a grandslam; Chris Ammerman went 2-2; Ken Parker 1-3 w/ a HR; Sean Villalobos 6 IP.
12 Knoxville Impact 3 Scottsdale Cobras 10
Cobras- Nick DeRegis hit 2 HR; Jason Phillips hit a HR.
13 Brookfield Bulldogs 11 Kenston Bombers 1
Bulldogs- Alex Urban hit a HR; Zach Teuscher pitched a CG; Collin OGorman had 2 hits, HR & 3 RBI; Kenston- Mike Pokorny had 2 HR; Pat Good had 6 assists.
14 New Berlin Magic 1 Westlake Warriors 11
Warriors- Matt Sullivan hit a HR; Magic- Brad Duggan hit a HR.
15 Utah Sandy Sharks 6 Danville Warriors 7
Warriors- Nick Thurston had game winning hit; Sharks- Carson Tilby & Bryson Benton hit a HR.
16 Texas Warriors 12 Pompano Predators B 0
Warriors- Brandon Kim 6 IP, 1 hit, 0 ER& 2-3 w/ HR, 3 RBI; Jake Hargrove 2-3, HR, RBI; Cameron Massengill 3-4, HR, 2 RBI; Michael Bosch 2-3, HR, 2 RBI; Josh Allen 2-4; DJ Rogers 1-3, 2 RBI; Zach Frakes 1-2, RBI.
17 Fort Wayne Wallen Tigers 1 Arizona Knights 11
Knights- Tyler Krause hit a 2-run HR; David Casebolt hit a 1-run 1B; Janson Marshall & Dan Winkler hit back-to-back HR; Tigers- J Shelmadine 2-3 w/ 2 1B.
18 Carolina Sand Jacks 16 Pocatello Wildcats 0
Sand Jacks- Andrew Lamb, Dylan Joyner, Cameron Smith, Chad Lee & Aric Bane each hit a HR.

Report Date/Time: August 22, 2005/9:33 AM

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