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Aug 4-10, 2007

Tournament Games Scores Report With Highlights

Day-Time Field Visiting Team Runs Home Team Runs
Wednesday-12:00 PM 1 Carolina Penguins (NC) 16 Texas Tornados (TX) 4
Tornados-Brody Roush threw out two runners, AJ LaVeau had 2 RBI.
2 Pottsville Diamond Demons (PA) 3 Marlton Cardinals (NJ) 8
Cardinals-Evan Lavigon and Kyle Long combined to pitched a three-hitter, Nick Gallagher had 2 hits.
3 Highlands Ranch Slammers (CO) 16 Midland Park Panthers (NJ) 4
Slammers-Travis Peet pitched a CG.
4 San Carlos Sandlots (CA) 14 Michigan Sports Academy (MI) 7
Michigan-Evan Chavis and Aaron Cowhy each hit a HR, Dylan Williams hit a HR, Demitrius Sims hit a GS.
5 Chesapeake Thunder (VA) 0 Las Vegas Hurricanes (NV) 5
Hurricanes-Dustin Ranoall pitched a three-hitter, Team turned a triple play, Scott Martinez went 2-3. Thunder-Andrew Donofrio had a hit and 2 SB's, Matt Kleinstein and Sam Gardner each had a hit.
6 South Shore Rebels (NY) 4 Lower Merion Lightning (PA) 5
Rebels-Pino Costalas hit a 3-run HR, Luciano Sorbara hit a 2-run HR. Lightning-Matt Kocent pitched a CG, Josh Salzer had the GW hit.
7 North Carolina Contenders (NC) 4 Stratham Sluggerz (NH) 5
Contenders-Caleb Smith pitched a four-hitter, Ryan Sapp had an RBI. Sluggerz-Zach Bosen was the WP and had 3 RBI, Tyler Russ and William Halkovitch each had a hit, Sebastian Olsen had 2 hits, Peter Winslow hit a 3B.
8 Berea Braves (OH) 14 Barrington White (IL) 5
Braves-Ryan Aten went 3-4 and pitched a CG, Xavier Elder went 2-2 w/ 2 HR's and 4 RBI, Marc Powers hit a HR, Joey Stuhldreher went 2-3 w/ 2 runs. White-Ben Calamari had 2 hits including a HR.
9 Fairmount Braves (PA) 7 Commerce Cougars (MI) 11
Braves-Jack Christmas pitched 4 innings. Cougars-Evan Brunt hit a HR.
10 Atlantic Coast Badgers (MA) 3 McLean Generals (VA) 11
11 West Michigan Swarm (MI) 6 Montgomery Thunder (MD) 7
Swarm-Jon McCready went 2-3 w/ 2B and pitched 3 innings, Rocky Saenz and Rylan Prafke each went 2-3, Mitchell Pawlanta and Zach Joyce each had a hit.
12 Freehold Falcons (NJ) 13 South Metro Wildcats (MN) 11
Falcons-Vic Scalise hit 2 HR's, Chris LaMorte hit a HR. Wildcats-Matt Ostiek went 2-4 w/ 2 runs, Austin Britnell went 2-4 w/ 2-run HR and 2 runs, Alex Schmeadeke went 2-2 w/ 2-run HR, Luke Palmer went 4-4.
13 Fastball USA (IL) 0 Marlboro Mustangs (NJ) 3
Mustangs-Eric Katz pitched a CG and had 2 hits, RJ Silver had a hit, Patrick McLaughlin turned a double play.
14 Willow Ridge White Sox (IN) 0 Geauga Knights of Baseball (OH) 2
Sox-Jack Lukemire went 1-2 w/ 2B, Blake Coverset pitched a two-hitter and had a hit, Kaleb Krempel had a hit. Geauga-Mike Lewindowski had 2 hits and pitched a three-hit shutout.
15 Tecumseh Rangers (CAN) 4 Denville Dawgs (NJ) 5
Dawgs-Sean Green was the WP.
16 Frozen Ropes Maine (ME) 6 Walden Vikings (NY) 4
Frozen-Zack Bean pitched, Keenen Lowe pitched. Vikings-Nick Lathouris hit a 2-run HR, LJ Sanchez went 2-3 w/ run scored, Tim Cronin pitched a CG.
17 Connecticut Storm (CT) 6 Endless Mountain Bullets (PA) 7
Storm-Zachary Merola went 2-2 w/ HR, Tyler Florio pitched.
18 Western Branch Bruins (VA) 3 Wayne PAL Wolfpack (NJ) 8
Wolfpack-Team turned a double play, Mike D'Amato hit a HR.
19 Boston Bulldogs (MA) 4 Northbrook Stars Black (IL) 11
Black-Paul Boidanis hit a 3-run HR, Jake Derousse hit a HR, Casey Rohlfs had an RBI. Bulldogs-Brian Judge had a squeeze bunt, Jake Lehman hit an RBI 2B, Matt Jarvis had 2 hits and pitched 1 2/3 innings, Sam Lehman stole two bases and scored a run, Cam Greshan and Hank Rudden each stole a base.
20 Rosemount Irish (MN) 4 Fresno Blue Devils (CA) 9
Irish-Josh Loew went 3-3 w/ 2 HR, Anthony Winters went 1-2. Devils-Kellen Hackett hit a HR, Zack Burt hit a 2-run HR and pitched 4 innings.
21 Mountain Brook Spartans (AL) 5 Bethel Church League Stealers (PA) 6
Spartans-Drew Willoughby hit a HR and scored 2 runs, Stealers-Ryan Bittener went 2-4.
22 Philadelphia Slammers (PA) 1 McHenry Storm (IL) 2
Storm-Ryan Szewczyk pitched 5 innings, Gilbert Matias went 3-3 w/ walk-off HR.
Wednesday-2:00 PM 1 Carolina Penguins (NC) 12 Chaska Hawks (MN) 6
Penguins- William Van Sant hit a 3 run HR; Isaac Tewes hit a solo HR.
2 Marlton Cardinals (NJ) 4 Foster City Buccaneers (CA) 7
Cardinals-Nick Gallager had 2 hits, Fran DiRubbo had 2 hits including a 2B and pitched 2 shutout innings. Buccaneers-Jackson Shales hit a HR.
3 Highlands Ranch Slammers (CO) 1 Matawan Huskies (NJ) 14
Huskies-Michael Denino hit a 2-run HR, Matthew Pidich hit a 3-run HR.
4 San Carlos Sandlots (CA) 0 DC Rockers (CO) 4
DC Rockers- Tyler Vaughn 6 IP; Ty Wiest went 2-for-2 w/ 2 RBI.
5 Las Vegas Hurricanes (NV) 4 West Boylston Lions (MA) 3
Hurricanes-RJ Thompson pitched. Lions-Nick Sieber went 2-3, Travis Thunberg went 3-3.
6 Lower Merion Lightning (PA) 12 Perry Hall Gators (MD) 0
Lightning-Gordon Kender pitched a CG, Sam Marys went 5-5 w/ 2-run HR.
7 Stratham Sluggerz (NH) 1 Oak Park Eagles Red (IL) 11
Sluggerz-Chris Stowell had 2 hits, Chris Richards pitched a CG. Red-Jack Sorsa, Pat Callahan and Matt VanLiedekerke pitched, Henry Pine and Alex Gustafson each went 2-3.
8 Berea Braves (OH) 9 Bethlehem Eagles (NY) 21
9 Commerce Cougars (MI) 0 Bayou Bombers (LA) 14
Bombers-Peyton Senner hit a 2-run HR, Kyle Wiley hit 2 HR's, Mario Montalvo hit a 2-run HR, Calob McCraney hit a GS. Cougars-Cullen Prena pitched.
10 McLean Generals (VA) 6 Northbrook Spartans (IL) 7
Generals-Will Tidwell went 3-4 w/ HR and 2 RBI. Spartans-Jacob Zinkula went 1-3 w/ HR and 2 RBI.
11 Montgomery Thunder (MD) 8 Murray Utah Sluggers (UT) 9
Thunder-Kyle Hamer hit a 2-run HR, Billy Cartwright had 2 RBI.
12 Freehold Falcons (NJ) 4 Wyckoff Raiders (NJ) 5
Falcons-Dan Kuedaras hit a HR. Raiders-Logan Schulte had 3 hits and an RBI, Harrison Cooke hit a HR and pitched 2 2/3 innings, Matt Ojieja pitched 3 1/3 innings.
13 Marlboro Mustangs (NJ) 5 Wilmette Travelers Blue (IL) 6
Mustangs-Daniel Cammarata and Evan Hilla each had 2 hits. Blue-Ryan Bower hit a HR, Kevin Douaire was the WP.
14 Geauga Knights of Baseball (OH) 1 Nevada Outlaws (NV) 13
Outlaws-Vincent Agliolo had a hit, Beau Cullen was the WP, Brendan Bailey hit a HR, Kyle Bailey hit a 3-run HR. Geauga-David Mayer had an RBI, Alex Kania pitched an inning.
15 Denville Dawgs (NJ) 3 Coastal Carolina Crush (NC) 9
Crush-Cameron Horn hit a 2B, Garrett Cartwright hit a HR, Erin Forbes hit a HR.
16 Frozen Ropes Maine (ME) 6 Southern Maine Dawg Pound (ME) 4
Pound-Jack Verrill went 2-3, Eathan Joyce pitched a CG. Frozen-Keenen Lowe pitced 5 innings, Mike Pena hit a 2-run HR.
17 Endless Mountain Bullets (PA) 1 Bainbridge Niners (WA) 13
Bullets-Austin Cline hit a HR. Niners-Michael Crowley hit a 2-run HR.
18 Wayne PAL Wolfpack (NJ) 5 Arvada West Road Runners (CO) 4
Wolfpack-Sean Jones pitched a CG, Mike Cornell hit a HR. Runners-Spencer Svejcar pitched a CG w/ 11 K's, Parker Farley hit a HR.
19 Northbrook Stars Black (IL) 4 Carolina Comets (NC) 9
Comets-Andrew Reid was the WP and went 1-3, Si Gillikin went 2-4 w/ 2 runs, Josh Taylor went 2-4 w/ 2B and 3 RBI, Austin King went 2-3 w/ RBI. Black-Casey Rohlfs had an RBI, Jack Pucin went 2-2 w/ 2-run HR, Joey Good had an RBI.
20 Fresno Blue Devils (CA) 6 Irish Baseball (AZ) 1
Devils-Jeremy Volberg hit a HR, Nick Scalise had 3 RBI, AJ Fernandi had an RBI, Zach Burt pitched a CG and went 2-2. Irish-Kenny Slattery hit a HR, Andrew Dye went 2-2.
21 Bethel Church League Stealers (PA) 1 Syracuse Jr. Skychiefs Blue (NY) 2
Stealers-Ryan Bittner pitched 5 innings. Blue-Mike Perry hit a HR, Daniel Zimmerman pitched, JP Quinn scored the winning run.
22 McHenry Storm (IL) 0 Jensen Beach Blast (FL) 1
Storm-Kyle Snedeker pitched 5 innings. Blast-Alvin Swoope hit a HR and was the WP.
Wednesday-4:00 PM 1 Carolina Penguins (NC) 7 Upper Perkiomen Chiefs (PA) 10
2 Foster City Buccaneers (CA) 7 Avon All Americans (CT) 6
3 Matawan Huskies (NJ) 18 Wilmette Travelers Green (IL) 5
Huskies- Michael Martocci hit a GS HR; Matthew Pidich hit a HR.
4 DC Rockers (CO) 4 New York Swing Away Starz (NY) 5
NY Swing Away- Robert Waller hit a solo & a 2 run HR.
5 Las Vegas Hurricanes (NV) 5 Desert Firebirds (AZ) 10
Hurricanes- Wyatt Blackmell & Parker Christensen each hit a HR. Firebirds- Matt McKelvey hit a HR.
6 Lower Merion Lightning (PA) 18 All Star Academy Spartans (CA) 6
Lower Merion- Matt Kocent hit 2 Hr's; Gorda Kudi hit a HR; Steve Fitzgerald 4 IP. Spartans- Mike Covell went 2-for-3; Andrew Bucharan went 3-for-4; Kevin Conissar hit a HR.
7 Oak Park Eagles Red (IL) 0 Team Titans (FL) 4
8 Bethlehem Eagles (NY) 3 Bellaire Cardinals (TX) 15
Cardinals- Austin Denman hit a 3 run HR; Josh Satriano hit a 2 run HR; Bennett Notestine 4 IP w/ 2 K's. Eagles- David Miller hit a 2 run HR.
9 Bayou Bombers (LA) 7 Star Maker Stallions (CA) 12
Stallions- Paul Murrey hit 3 Hr's w/ 9 RBI; Anthony Verducci hit a HR & was the WP; Nick Nussbaum hit a HR; Grant Napier had 4 hits.
10 Northbrook Spartans (IL) 2 Team Connecticut Baseball (CT) 3
Team CT- Aaron Wilson hit a HR & 5 IP; Chaz Millet scored the GW run.
11 Murray Utah Sluggers (UT) 5 Leesburg Lumber (VA) 8
Lumber- Etahn Carlyon hit a HR.
12 Wyckoff Raiders (NJ) 10 Roger N. Allen Baseball (NH) 5
Roger N. Allen- Coleman Knowles hit a 3 run HR. Raiders- Connor White hit a HR & had 3 RBI; Harrison Cooke & AJ Gallagher each hit a HR; Andy Gilard 6 IP.
13 Wilmette Travelers Blue (IL) 3 Southtown Knights (NY) 4
Knights- Joey Mesi had the GW RBI.
14 Nevada Outlaws (NV) 3 Westchester Hawks (PA) 6
Hawks- Luke Lawrance hot a 3 run walk-off HR; Danny Riordas hit a 2 run HR.
15 Coastal Carolina Crush (NC) 2 Mt. Olive Marauders (NJ) 7
Mt. Olive- Ryan Curran went 3-for-3; CJ Drury hit a HR. Crush- Garrett Cartwright hit a HR.
16 Frozen Ropes Maine (ME) 4 Houston Slam (TX) 16
Slam- Wilson Jeckovich pitched a CG 5 hitter & had 4 hits; Patrick Fertitta had 3 hits; James Fallon had 2 hits; Ben Lee had 2 hits w/ a 2 run HR. Maine- Cameron McLain hit a 2 run HR.
17 Bainbridge Niners (WA) 1 Palm Desert Storm (CA) 8
Niners- Tyler Riely had 6 K's. Storm- Nick Pufpat & Jacob Clark combined for a 3 hitter.
18 Wayne PAL Wolfpack (NJ) 1 Barnstable Riptides (MA) 2
Riptides- Patrick McAvoy hit a walk-off HR. Wolfpack- Erik Moskal hit a HR.
19 Carolina Comets (NC) 0 Humnbirds (NY) 15
Humnbirds- Nolan apfel hit a 3 run HR & was the WP; Matt Winkler hit a 2 run HR; Brian Guzman hit a GS HR.
20 Fresno Blue Devils (CA) 12 Carolina Cobras (NC) 6
Fresno- Kellen Hachett hit 2 HR's w/ 5 RBI; Nick Scalise hit a HR & had 2 RBI; Michael Renteria, Bret Bausman & Zach Burt each had a RBI. Cobras- Will Beasley hit a GS HR; Brian Turner went 2-for-2 w/ 2 RS.
21 Syracuse Jr. Skychiefs Blue (NY) 2 OC Stars (CA) 9
22 Jensen Beach Blast (FL) 6 Great Falls Grays (VA) 21
Great Falls- Matt Moser went 3-for-4 w/ 2 HR's & 5 RBI; Colin Cantwell hit a Hr w// 2 RBI; Michael Massdi went 2-for-3 w/ a HR & 2 RBI; Paul Bottoglio hit a HR & had 3 RBI; Michael Matuella hit a HR; Thomas Dungan hit a HR & had 2 RBI; Todd Cunningham had 2 1B's & 2 RBI.
Wednesday-6:00 PM 1 Upper Perkiomen Chiefs (PA) 6 New Hampshire Diamond Devils (NH) 7
2 Foster City Buccaneers (CA) 4 Irvine Rox (CA) 5
4 Matawan Huskies (NJ) 1 New York Swing Away Starz (NY) 0
Huskies- Mike Martocci hit a HR; Matt Pidich pitched a 2 hitter.
5 Lower Merion Lightning (PA) 5 Desert Firebirds (AZ) 9
7 Team Titans (FL) 4 Syracuse Jr. Skychiefs Red (NY) 5
8 Bellaire Cardinals (TX) 3 Rhode Island Wolf Pack (RI) 10
Wolf Pack- Colton Place hit 2 Hr's w/ 4 RBI; Andrew Chrabascz 5 IP; Justin Finan went 2-for-2 w/ 2 SB's. Cardinals- Austin Denman 4 IP; Andrew Strait had 2 hits.
9 Star Maker Stallions (CA) 14 Wichita Sluggers Academy (KS) 2
10 Team Connecticut Baseball (CT) 6 Wisconsin All Stars (WI) 1
11 Wyckoff Raiders (NJ) 0 Leesburg Lumber (VA) 6
Lumber- Josh Martin hit a HR, Zach Turner pitched a CG shutout.
13 Westchester Hawks (PA) 1 Southtown Knights (NY) 7
Hawks- Brad Rhodes 4 IP w/ 8 K's. Knights- Matt Carrig had 14 K's; Joey Mesi & Liam Kelly each had 2 hits.
15 Houston Slam (TX) 6 Mt. Olive Marauders (NJ) 18
Mt. Olive- Michael Saperiro went 2-for-2 w/ 2 HR's & 5 RBI; Ryan Wrran went 3-for-3 w/ a HR; Mark Adams went 2-for-3 w/ 3 RBI.
16 Fresno Blue Devils (CA) 2 Humnbirds (NY) 1
Fresno- Kellen Hachett pitched a CG; Zach Burt had the GW RBI; Alex Fung had a RBI. Humnbirds- Nolan Apfel hit a solo HR.
17 Great Falls Grays (VA) 5 OC Stars (CA) 9
OC Stars- Nick Hsieh & Brian Soper each hit a HR; Cody Maples hit 2 HR's.
18 Palm Desert Storm (CA) 17 Barnstable Riptides (MA) 14
Storm- Jake Powel hit 2 Hr's; Zack Whihet & Nathan Rodriguez each hit a HR. Riptides- Alec Morrison hit 2 HR's w/ a GS; Charlie Rice hit a HR.
Thursday-8:30 AM 1 Star Maker Stallions (CA) 10 Southtown Knights (NY) 0
Stallions-Anthony Verducci hit 2 HR's, Conner Martin and Grant Napier each hit a HR, Paul Murrey hit a HR and was the WP.
2 Team Connecticut Baseball (CT) 17 Leesburg Lumber (VA) 6
Team Connecticut-Tyler Kennison pitched 4 innings, Max Dougan hit a HR, Aaron Wilson had 3 hits. Lumber-Brady Orrison hit a HR.
4 Matawan Huskies (NJ) 13 New Hampshire Diamond Devils (NH) 11
Huskies-Thompson Strat hit a HR, Ronald Robinson hit a 3-run HR.
5 Desert Firebirds (AZ) 14 Irvine Rox (CA) 1
Firebirds-Peter Auteri pitched, Matt McKelvey hit HR, Cameron Brendel and Auteri each hit a HR. Rox-San Filippo hit a HR.
7 Fresno Blue Devils (CA) 6 Ryder Showtime Dodgers (WA) 12
Dodgers- Connor McClellan went 3-for-4 w/ a HR & 3 RBI; Levi Barker went 3-for-4 w/ 3 RS & 2 RBI; Jake Manson went 2-for-2; Matt Fletcher went 3-for-3; Ian Humphrey went 1-for-2 w/ a RBI; Reid McKinney went 2-for-3 w/ a HR.
8 Palm Desert Storm (CA) 3 Syracuse Jr. Skychiefs Red (NY) 7
Storm-Jake Powell went 3-3, Taylor Bryant-Weir pitched 4 innings. Red-Pat Wright hit a GS, James Novakowski pitched 5 innings.
9 Mt. Olive Marauders (NJ) 0 Rhode Island Wolf Pack (RI) 7
Pack-Colton Place pitched a perfect game w/ 12 K's, Andrew Chrabascz and Cody Stanzione each hit a HR.
10 OC Stars (CA) 1 California Sliders (CA) 13
Sliders-Gus Cruz and JR Davis each hit 2 HR's, Mackenna Stuart, Isaiah Yates and Rigo Gonzalez each hit a HR.
Thursday-12:00 PM 7 Matawan Huskies (NJ) 3 Ryder Showtime Dodgers (WA) 10
8 Team Connecticut Baseball (CT) 4 Syracuse Jr. Skychiefs Red (NY) 5
Red-Alex Caruso hit a walk-off HR, Nick Polotti hit a HR.
9 Star Maker Stallions (CA) 5 Rhode Island Wolf Pack (RI) 9
Pack-Andrew Chrabascz went 2-2 w/ 3 runs and 2 SB's, Colton Place went 2-2 w/ HR and 5 RBI, Will Harrigan went 3-3 w/ HR and 2 SB's, Cody Stanzione went 2-2 w/ 2 HR's and 3 RBI.
10 Desert Firebirds (AZ) 1 California Sliders (CA) 13
Sliders-Isaiah Yates hit 2 HR's, John Sirikakis hit a HR, Mackenna Stuart hit a GS.
Thursday-3:00 PM 7 Syracuse Jr. Skychiefs Red (NY) 4 Ryder Showtime Dodgers (WA) 1
Skychiefs Red- Alex Caruso & Nick Pilotti each hit a HR. Dodgers- Connor McClellan went 3-for-3 & 6 IP.
10 Rhode Island Wolf Pack (RI) 2 California Sliders (CA) 3
Sliders- Isaiah Yates hi a HR.
Thursday-9:15 PM 3 Syracuse Jr. Skychiefs Red (NY) 1 California Sliders (CA) 13

Report Date/Time: August 09, 2007/11:13 PM

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