Cooperstown Dreams Park - A Summer Tradition
Cooperstown Dreams Park


Jul 12-18, 2008


King Of Swat
Finalist's Name Home Runs
1st Jameson Collins (Timberlane Hornets, NH) 7
2nd Brandon Casas (Carolina Crush, NC) 4
Dan Hendricks (Arlington Cardinals, IL) 4
Colton Shaver (Utah Dirt Dogs, UT) 4
5th Adam Theis (KC Sharks, KS) 3
Covey Jackson (Chatfield Cougars, CO) 3
Alec Miller (Milton Mustangs, GA) 3
David Boyle (Jax Storm, FL) 3
Jack Linch (S.E.M. Pirates, MI) 3
10th Damien Fisher (By-You Gurus, LA) 2
Riley Klein (Motor City Marlins, MI) 2
Regis Durbin (Lake Forest Scouts, IL) 2
John Reyes (Philadelphia Stars, PA) 2
Joseph Heineman (Southlake Dragons, TX) 2
T.J. Lett (Willoughby Wildcats, OH) 2
16th Jake Terrazas (Lemont Indians, IL) 1
Evan Schriner (Northville Mustangs, MI) 1
Charlie Kennelly (St. Paul Senators, MN) 1
Connor Wardlaw (St. Louis Silverhawks, MO) 1

Around The Horn Plus
Team Name Time
1st Long Island Express (NY) 21.19
2nd Grassland Bulldogs (TN) 25
3rd Franklin Heat (TN) 29.69
4th St. Louis Silverhawks (MO) 30.41
5th Kansas Coyotes (KS) 31.4
6th PB Baseball Middleburg Heights (OH) 34.75

Golden Arm
Finalist's Name Points
1st Tim Brennan (Philadelphia Stars, PA) 6
2nd Dalton Long (Knoxville Stars, TN) 4
3rd Zack Engelken (Kansas Coyotes, KS) 2
4th Peter Schrader (St. Paul Senators, MN) 1
Josh Van Dorp (Southern California Sun Devils, CA) 1
Nicolas Milata (St. Gregory's Patriots, NY) 1
Connor Henderson (Utah Dirt Dogs, UT) 1
Tyler Echeverria (Long Island Breakers, NY) 1

Road Runner
Finalist's Name Time
1st Joe Szczybor (CAA Bobcats, MD) 13.09
2nd Michael Boehmer (Wasco Wolverines, IL) 13.25
Carrington Bell (Beaver Valley Red, PA) 13.25
4th Imani Willis (Powder Springs Blaze, GA) 13.47
5th Justin Harrell (Carrollton, LA) 13.5
6th Tim Gomulka (Tinley Park Bobcats, IL) 13.53

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Report Date/Time: July 12, 2008/9:42 PM

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