Cooperstown Dreams Park


“A Summer Tradition”
The One and Only…Cooperstown… Cooperstown Dreams Park –
The Ultimate Baseball Destination…

Opening Day: Official Opening Day - July 23rd - NO Masks… NO Social Distancing… Full Experience - Family Participation, Camper Interaction/Sportsmanship (High Fiving, Shaking Hands after the Game, Face to Face Pin Trading, Baseball Card Trading) and Safe visits into the Cooperstown area. The One and Only… Cooperstown… Cooperstown Dreams Park - the Ultimate Baseball Destination… Let’s Play Ball!! The 2021 Season is the first step toward a full re-opening in 2022. Cooperstown Dreams Park Mid-Summer Camp 2021 “Opening Day - July 23rd” with play thru August. To participate in 2021 Season please contact Baseball Operations for details at 704-630-0050 or We look forward to your safe arrival and welcoming you in Cooperstown this summer.

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Each year, the participants are inducted into the American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame...