Cooperstown Dreams Park


“A Summer Tradition”

Important Notice: Our staff is currently communicating with Team Contacts. In an effort to effectively respond to all calls, we request that Parents direct all phone calls, emails, and questions to their "Team Contact". Refund Policy: Full refund for non-participating teams. All Refund Requests must be in writing from the Team Contact and be received by no later than April 19th. Non-participating teams current Grandfather Certificate and tournament date opening will be transferred to a new waiting list or registered team that will be assigned to the new tournament date opening. New team placements will receive an official tournament date placement confirmation letter in the mail. Teams choosing to rollover to the 2022 season will receive a 2022 season tournament date confirmation letter and full credit for current deposits. Cooperstown Dreams Park staff will continue to communicate with Team Contacts to address all questions.

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Each year, the participants are inducted into the American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame...