A Summer Tradition 2022
Be a part of Cooperstown Dreams Park…”A story to be told…about feelings…a place in time…
a time you never want to end…Don’t let it pass you by… Cooperstown Dreams Park, a place where traditional values live…
a place where champions are born”

Parent's Page

Parents: Please refer to this page to help organize your stay at Cooperstown Dreams Park. Please check this page periodically for updated information.

  • The 2023 Parent/Camper Kit will be available in February.
  • If you need information and/or assistance on obtaining travel planning and/or room accommodations in the Cooperstown area you should click on our FAMILY GUIDE page.
  • If you have any questions please contact your team contact .



Click below to obtain information that is available to help you in your stay at Cooperstown Dreams Park.

* From time to time, guests may need to send items via mail or courier directly to Dreams Park.
In these cases, please use the following mailing address below. Be sure to include your team name, and coach's name on the package.

Cooperstown Dreams Park
4550 State Hwy 28
Milford, NY 13807


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Tournament services

  • 24-Hour medical and first aid staff.
  • 24-Hour security.
  • Free admission to all games.
  • Free family and guest parking.
  • Cooperstown Dreams Park Retail Center (Including Bat Engraving, Baseball Engraving, Clothing & Souvenir Shop and Photo Center).
  • Food is available at all Cooperstown Dreams Park concession stands (all major credit cards accepted).
  • Uniform Laundry service will follow the Laundry Service Schedule.
  • Daily Pin Trading - Coaches please ensure all pins are removed from their individual plastic bags before trading.
  • Bagged ice is available for team purchase at the Concession Stands and in the Baseball Village.
  • Daily Webcast (Ceremonies, Skills Competitions, Game Play and Championship Game).

Cooperstown Dreams Park Retail Center

Clothing & Souvenir Shop - Photo Center - Engraving Shop (open daily)

Your only source for authentic Dreams Park gear and officially licensed collectible souvenirs.


  • Tournament Roster T-Shirts (Preorder now).
  • Player and Roster Engraved Bats, Custom Engraved Baseballs.
  • Souvenir Guide with Tournament information.
  • Team Studio, Action and Community Photos.

    Cooperstown Dreams Park Concession Stands

    Open daily until the end of the last game

    Enjoy our Healthy & Affordable Menu:

    • Breakfast Sandwiches, Pastries, Fruit
    • BBQ Pork, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Pizza by the Slice and Nachos
    • Enjoy our selection of fresh wraps
    • Pepsi Beverages, Hot Chocolate, Hot or Iced Coffee, Tea
    • Candy, Ice Cream, Snacks, Soft Pretzels

    *Purchase Six Whole Pizzas & get a 7th Free*


    What's the weather like today in the Cooperstown area ... try clicking on the REGIONAL WEATHER FORECAST


    If you or someone in your family would like to sing or play "The Star Spangled Banner" or "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" at the Opening or Closing Ceremonies please have your Head Coach or Manager sign the person up upon arrival for your Team's Registration. Cooperstown Dreams Park reserves the right to audition individuals and groups and will make every effort to accommodate the requests.

    Important Pin Trading Information

    Pin Trading has become a tradition for teams, umpires, parents and guests. Many teams have custom-made lapel pins, while others utilize pins provided by their communities or sponsors. Building a pin collection provides everyone an extra opportunity to interact. Enjoy the fun of pin trading!

    Free/Inexpensive Things to do in Cooperstown

    Click here for a list of Free/Inexpensive Things to do in Cooperstown.

    The Dreams Park Experience

    While promoting a high caliber of play, our goal is to have young players experience the purity of baseball as it was meant to be.

    • By stepping up to the plate, regardless of outcome, all players leave with a sense of pride, dignity and accomplishment.

    The Mission of Cooperstown Dreams Park...

    Our mission is to provide a cultural and life-enriching experience for young boys and girls who love the game of baseball. Cooperstown Dreams Park is a family baseball park featuring fun and excitement; friends and families spend their vacations here, watching teams from around the country play baseball.

    • By visiting the Village of Cooperstown and playing in the legendary home of baseball.
    • By meeting and playing against their peers from around the country.
    • By reaching within themselves to fulfill their ultimate dream.
    A Place in Time where they are their own Heroes

    Just Imagine ...

    Being a part of History! Each player and coach will be immortalized by being inducted into the prestigious American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame where they will be enshrined. As a part of the Cooperstown Dreams Park Experience, your team members will be awarded the coveted American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame ring - like the champions before them - and granted membership into this distinguished baseball club. All Cooperstown Dreams Park participants share this great honor.

    Just Imagine ...

    In the town where baseball began ... your place in history with baseball's greats. At no other time in the history of youth baseball has there ever been an invitational tournament quite like Cooperstown Dreams Park, with its unique baseball atmosphere ... where baseball present meets the traditional values of baseball past. Take a step back in time ... with barnstormers of baseball past. Fields cut from the same pastures that have given life to the magical myth of Abner Doubleday. Teams travel far and wide to play on these sacred fields.

    Dreams Really Do Come True

    Cooperstown Dreams Park offers today's youth a chance to fulfill childhood dreams. We trust you will agree this is an opportunity of a lifetime. If you love baseball and kids, Cooperstown Dreams Park is the place to be. It is a must for America's Youth.

    America's First and Foremost Youth Baseball Experience